Saturday, June 9, 2018

Edition Topoi Collections: Digital Pantheon

Digital Pantheon


The Pantheon in Rome is a hallmark in ancient architecture. A comprehensive architectural survey has been undertaken by the Bern Digital Pantheon project under the direction of Gerd Graßhoff, Michael Heinzelmann and Markus Wäfler of Bern University from 2005-2008.
With support of the Excellence Cluster Topoi, Gerd Graßhoff has recomputed the digital model and prepared its data for long-time preservation and publication in this collection.


The collection 'Digital Pantheon' is based on research data of the Bern Digital Pantheon project. This project - directed by Gerd Graßhoff, Michael Heinzelmann and Markus Wäfler of the University of Bern - created a digital 3d scan of the Pantheon in Rome using a laser scanner in several scanning campaigns in the years 2005 to 2008. On the basis of these data, the registered papers were published and the website established. Since 2010, this website is no longer being maintained.
The collection 'Digital Pantheon' is further processing the research data. It provides long-term archiving of the data, which has been further analysed within the framework of the Excellence Cluster TOPOI, and makes it available to interested researchers and the public.

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