Thursday, March 29, 2018

The new Trismegistos Places ( is now live

The new Trismegistos Places ( is now live. We think it is a real 2.0 version, with more faceted searching, pie charts, timelines and better export possibilities. It is part of a continuing effort to update our interface (after Collections (, Editors (, Words (, and Authors (

We hope the new site is more intuitive and user-friendly than the complicated search forms of the old version, but make sure to read the About page to know what you are looking at. And remember that Trismegistos is not complete … We’re also preparing video’s to show how everything works, but we’re also happy to come and give workshops to demonstrate all functionalities of Trismegistos for those who want.

Of course we know there are still many things to be corrected, especially when it comes to coordinates. We hope you can help us with that, and we plan to cooperate closer with projects like Pleiades and Pelagios to improve on this and other things (we are working on an API, for example). In the mean time, we have made it easier for you to send an email to Herbert Verreth, our Monsieur Toponyme.

Please enjoy TM Places as much as we have enjoyed creating it!

For Trismegistos,

Mark Depauw (PHP / MySQL)
Yanne Broux (HTML / CSS)

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