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Trismegistos Authors

Trismegistos Authors

Short Introduction

Trismegistos Authors is a database of authors of the ancient world. It should include all authors who wrote between 800 BC and AD 800, but currently it is primarily based on the Leuven Database of Ancient Books [LDAB], and focuses on those attested in sources dating before AD 800. Eventually, we aim to include also the authors attested only as fragments in other works. We have also included (mainly Greek) authors from later periods, through Pinakes and the Clavis Historicorum Tardae Antiquitates [CHTA]. In these cases the record will lead the user to those databases for more detailed information about manuscripts and background.


Trismegistos Authors is clearly work in progress. There are currently 3772 ancient authors and 4837 works. Note that for the more recent authors, after AD 800, we currently do not have any information about their works. As to the authors themselves, there are still doubles in the list; the information about the authors is generally limited. All authors have been assigned dates of birth and death, and are assumed to have lived about 75 years if no specific information is available. For their works, we aim to be as precise as posisble, but very often there is currently no information. You can send us an email with additions or corrections for your own personal data. Should you want to help us with any of this in a more systematic way, please do contact us. We will be eternally grateful.

3772 authors (click here for all attestations)

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