Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The online edition of August Dillmann’s "Lexicon linguae Aethiopicae"

The online edition of August Dillmann’s "Lexicon linguae Aethiopicae"
This app is a prototype Beta version. Be aware that it might not be available at times also without prior notice, it might still crash or work only in part. The data is also undergoing continuous editorial work and the numeric results should not be used without caution. It has no proper style associated first of all and it is not meant to work in all browser and all machines. We assume you will have the latest Chrome for best experience and that you will have the NOTO font family installed on your machine. You should be able to use the app with any browser but we cannot guarantee even the minimum look and feel. Click the orange button if you want to report a problem, we are glad to keep track. 
Among the many known issues and adjustments that are still to be carried out, note the following: particularly in Syriac and Arabic passages, at times, space between words is not correctly displayed; conversely, in some passages superfluous extra-spaces are displayed; Coptic entries might not be correctly displayed, especially if you do not have fonts for Coptic (see above). 

Page number links will link you to the Lexicon Linguae Aethiopicae online pdf version by Ran HaCohen. The correctness of the page link depends on the correctness of the data.

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