Saturday, September 30, 2017

HyperEpos: Epic on the Internet

HyperEpos: Epic on the Internet
Responding to the lack of genre-based sites on the web, I've gathered here an array of sites focused on epic poetry, aiming for the occasionally quirky as well as the canonical vision of the genre.  In addition to the links to individual poems and poets, I've tried to incorporate a few key sites for chronological study. Thus, links to sites like Perseus, The Labyrinth or Romantic Circles, with all their wealth of connections, are included at the bottom of the appropriate page. Your comments and suggestions for inclusion or updating are appreciated.  Like all good sites, this one should be perpetually evolving, and appropriately enough, in the midst of things. I update the pages as often as I can (but time's wingéd chariot hurries near).
For familiarity's sake, the organization is (loosely) chronological, with a few pages (Non-Western, American, and Women's Epic) based in kinds rather than times of origin.  The chronologies as well as the selections currently show too clearly my own as well as the Internet's strong Anglo-American bias. And I have finally incorporated a search page for this directory, which may help if you're not sure where to start looking.

Note:  Though I do include links to some creative, occasionally naive endeavors, I try not to include sites like the following (straight from the original):  "Oral poets can whole heroic poems a formulae in construction of their epics although in this case Homer did not."

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