Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Ars Longa: An Index of Every Classical Reference Ever!

Ars Longa: An Index of Every Classical Reference Ever! (a work in progress, perhaps forever...)

classics are old...

But not irrelevant!
This simple website is an insane attempt to list every Classical reference, allusion, inference and suggestion there has ever been. I want this to be a resource that works both ways, so you can see which Classical references are being made and what bodies of works contain Classical references. 
Just search a topic, person, book, film... whatever you fancy, and see what comes up.
If I don't have it and you know it, fill out the contact form and I will review your submission with the hope of adding it to the site. 
If what you submit fits with what this site is trying to do, I will also add you to the contributors page and may choose to add any contact information you like, including website links to your work if appropriate. 
If you want to draw your own image to go with your contribution, please feel free to do so and attach it to your contact form. 
If we all make at least one contribution, this website will be huge!

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