Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Adriaticum Mare

Adriaticum Mare
Adriaticum Mare, international organization (law 1901) and the website of the same name are focused on developing the historic and archeological research throughout the Adriatic region (from the Protohistoric to the Middle Ages) and the online information AdriAtlas accessible to the scientific community and eventually, to the larger public.
The Adriaticum Mare website currently offers four main sections: a summary and presentation of the project, the geoportal, an information database and a bibliography, as well as other supplementary research tools and a navigation tab dedicated to news (forthcoming scientific meetings, bibliography recently published).
Designed in 2012 by Lionel Rossignol under the direction of Nelly Martin, Adriaticum Mare appears now in a new version realized by Nathalie Prévot, responsible of the Digital humanities in the Institut of  Ausonius. Its updating is currently performed by Yolande Marion you can contact for any information (

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