Sunday, April 30, 2017

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We are happy to announce an important update to <>.

Through a new arrangement with the Bodleian Library, Oxford, the folios of Ben Sira MS B housed there (X recto through XVIII verso) are now on display at <>. 

Those who have used the website in the past will recall that until now we have been unable to include these important manuscript pages in our online display edition. 

With the inclusion of the Bodleian folios, we are happy to report that all known manuscripts of the book of Ben Sira are now available at <>.

For those new to the website, you will find there high resolution digital images of all the Ben Sira material from Qumran, Masada, and the Cairo Geniza, along with a transcription and a translation.  In addition, the website includes a lengthy Introduction to the book and its manuscript tradition, an annotated Bibliography, an Index of Passages, and other valuable resources. 

Gary A. Rendsburg and Jacob Binstein
Rutgers University

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