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Open Access Journal: Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference Proceedings Online Open Access

[First posted in AWOL 5 April 2013, updated 5 April 2017]

TRAC: Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference Proceedings


TRAC is an unincorporated voluntary association that has developed from and around the annual series of Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conferences held since 1991.

The first Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference was held in 1991 to widen the range of perspectives offered, and voices heard, in Roman Archaeology. This initiative was spearheaded by Dr. Eleanor Scott, who organised the first conference and remains an active contributor to the TRAC community.

In 2001, the TRAC Standing Committee was established to ensure that TRAC continues to serve its purpose well into the future. TRAC’s first constitution was approved in 2010. In 2013, a new TRAC Constitution was approved and remains in effect.

One of TRAC’s distinctive features is the regular and rapid publication of selected TRAC Proceedings from each annual conference, an accomplishment that has been achieved for all but one. Since the 1994 TRAC Conference (held at Durham), TRAC Proceedings have been published by Oxbow Books, and many volumes are available in hardcopy and ebook format through direct purchase from Oxbow.
In 2013 TRAC adopted an Open Access policy to make past TRAC Proceedings freely available in digital format from our website. The current policy allows for the Open Access release of individual papers (but not entire volumes in a single file) from each TRAC Proceedings volume after a waiting period of three years from its initial hardcopy publication. In line with this policy, all papers from the 1991 through 2010 TRAC Proceedings are now available as Open Access.
Papers from the TRAC 2011 Proceedings (published in 2012) will be released as Open Access during the TRAC 2015 conference, 27-29 March 2015, and papers from the TRAC 2012 Proceedings (published in 2013) will become available in this format during the TRAC/RAC conference in spring 2016.

TRAC Proceedings Volumes Full Contents 1991–2016

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