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Open Access Journal: Strata: Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

[First posted in AWOL 20 September 2016, updated 10 January 2023]

Strata: Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society
ISSN: 0266-2442
Strata: The Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

Strata is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal that seeks to bring the latest studies of the archaeology of Israel-Palestine and its surrounding regions to a wider international audience. We welcome articles on many aspects of research that lead to a better understanding of the archaeology in this region, an archaeology that is of great interest internationally because of its significance both for understanding the development of three of the world’s great religions and for the important history of Israel-Palestine. We are also keen to have reviews of recently-published books studies on archaeological topics of the area.

Until 2009, Strata was published continuously from 1982 as the Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society, but with the addition of this headline – and a new cover – we hope to make it more easily recognisable in libraries and elsewhere. Strata articles also are widely available online in the Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) database,  though note that these currently still remain categorised under the Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society.
Issues 1–34 are available for free download.

Download volume 34

In Memoriam NICK SLOPE.

Research Articles

Katharina Streit, The 6th Millennium Cal. BCE Wadi Rabah Culture: Further Excavations at Ein el-Jarba in the Jezreel Valley, Israel (2015–2016)

Itamar Weissbein, Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel and Martin G. Klingbeil, Goddesses from Canaanite Lachish

Jan Gunneweg and Marta Balla, The Provenience of 7th–6th Century BCE Cult Vessels from the Iron Age II Fortress at ‘En Hazeva using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA)

Egon H.E. Lass, Soil Flotation from the Persian Period at Ashkelon, Israel

Yotam Tepper, Jonathan David and Matthew J. Adams, The Roman VIth Legion Ferrata at Legio (el-Lajjun), Israel: Preliminary Report of the 2013 Excavation

Tali Erickson-Gini, Dov Nahlieli and Robert Kool, Mezad Zohar: A Medieval Fort Near the Dead Sea

Robert Kool, The Coins from the Medieval Fortress at Mezad Zohar

Orit Shamir and Naama Sukenik, 13th Century CE Textiles from Mezad Zohar

Yosef Garfinkel, The Decauville Light Train at Lachish (1933–1938)

Eliot Braun, Observations on the South Levantine EB1 and the Erani C Horizon: A Rejoinder to Gophna and Paz

Summaries of Lectures

Reports from Jerusalem

Student Grant Reports

Book Reviews

Download the Book reviews PDF here.

Claire Clivaz, Andrew Gregory and David Hamidović (eds.), Digital Humanities in Biblical, Early Jewish and Early Christian Studies. Reviewed by James Aitken

Erin Darby, Interpreting Judean Pillar Figurines: Gender and Empire in Judean Apotropaic Ritual. Reviewed by Josef Mario Briffa

Hanan Eshel(Shani Tzoref and Barnea Levi Selavan, eds.), Exploring the Dead Sea Scrolls: Archaeology and Literature of the Qumran Caves. Reviewed by George J. Brooke

Eric C. Lapp, Sepphoris II: The Clay Oil Lamps of Ancient Sepphoris: Light Use and Regional Interactions. Reviewed by Shimon Dar

David M. Jacobson, Nikos Kokkinos (eds.), Judaea and Rome in Coins, 65 BCE – 135 CE. Papers Presented at the International Conference Hosted by Spink, 13th – 14th September 2010. Reviewed by Yoav Farhi

Reinhard G. Kratz, Historical and Biblical Israel: The History, Tradition, and Archives of Israel and Judah. Reviewed by Lester L. Grabbe

Jacobson, David M., Antioch and Jerusalem: The Seleucids and Maccabees in Coins. Reviewed by David F. Graf

David T. Sugimoto, ed., Transformation of a Goddess: Ishtar – Astarte – Aphrodite. Reviewed by Sandra Jacobs

Gil Gambash, Rome and Provincial Resistance. Reviewed by Tessa Rajak

Astrid Swenson and Peter Mandler (eds.), From Plunder to Preservation: Britain and the Heritage of Empire, c.1800–1940. Reviewed by Michael Sommer

Rachel Hachlili, Ancient Synagogues – Archaeology and Art: New Discoveries and Current Research. Reviewed by Joan Taylor

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