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Open Access Monograph Series: New Voices In Classical Reception Studies Conference Proceedings

We welcome submissions to our Conference Proceedings series. If you are organising a conference panel on any aspect of Classical Reception then we would be interested in hearing from you. Our aim is to take innovative panels on Classical Reception and to offer a path to publication, so that such research can move in a timely fashion into the public domain. All submissions will undergo a process of peer review and the expectation is that oral papers will undergo a full conversion into written research papers with all the usual scholarly apparatus.

21stCentury Popular Classics

Volume Editors: Amanda Potter, Caitlan Smith, Jenny Messenger, Rossana Zetti
Series Editor: Trevor Fear



PAPER ONE: Myth, Technology, and Love in Spike Jones’ Her [abstract] [full paper]
Rocki Wentzel (Augustana University)

PAPER TWO: “Benefits of a Classical Education”: The Dynamics of Classical Education in ABC’s Revenge [abstract] [full paper]
Dan Curley (Skidmore College USA)

PAPER THREE: Redirecting the gaze: The Woman and the Gladiator on Television in the Twenty-First Century [abstract] [full paper]
Fiona Hobden (University of Liverpool) and Amanda Potter (Open University)

PAPER FOUR: Iphigenia in the Buffer Zone: A Site-Specific Performance of Euripides’ Iphigenia in Aulis in Nicosia, Cyprus [abstract] [full paper]
Magdalena Zira (theatre director)

PAPER FIVE: Myth on the Wall: Images of Antiquity in Contemporary Street Art [abstract] [full paper]

Colleen Kron (The Ohio State University)

PAPER SIX: The Classical Catwalk: Fashioning the Ancient World on the Runway [abstract] [full paper]
Stacie Raucci (Union College)

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