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Subsidia studii ab Enrique Alarcón collecta et edita
Pompaelone ad Universitatis Studiorum Navarrensis aedes ab A.D. MM
The Corpus Thomisticum project aims to provide scholars with a set of instruments of research on Thomas Aquinas, freely available via Internet. It has five parts:
  • A full edition of the complete works of St. Thomas according, where possible, to the best critical texts.
  • A bibliography covering all the studies on Aquinas and his doctrine, from the 13th century through our days.
  • An index of the main tools of Thomistic research, and the edition of the most important among them.
  • A database management system, implemented to search, compare, and sort words, phrases, quotations, similitudes, correlations, and statistical information.
  • A digital edition of the main manuscripts of Aquinas' works.
We choose Latin as the main language of the Corpus Thomisticum, for every student of Thomas can read his original texts, which are in Latin indeed.
Corpus Thomisticum aims to be a common project: every help is appretiated. We welcome the submission or correction of bibliographical references, of improved editions of texts, and of research tools, classic or modern: bonum enim est diffusivum sui.

Opera omnia S. Thomae Chartae synopticae operum
Bibliographia Thomistica Editiones operum optimae

Index Thomisticus Thomas-Lexikon
Tabula Aurea: A-O Tabula Aurea: P-Z

Editio Leonina Abbreviationes
Fontes vitae Thomae Catalogi operum antiqui

Nexus interretiales Inventarium huius loci

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