Thursday, March 31, 2016

Articles Published in the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology in the past 12 months


Engsheden, Ake: Traditional Egyptian II (Ptolemaic, Roman), 2016
Bussmann, Richard: Pyramid Age: Huni to Radjedef, 2015
Klotz, David: Persian Period, 2015
Manassa Darnell, Colleen: Transition 18th–19th dynasty, 2015
Muhlestein, Kerry: Violence, 2015
Müller, Matthias: Akkadian from Egypt, 2015
Nyord, Rune: Cognitive Linguistics, 2015
Williamson, Jacquelyn: Amarna Period, 2015
Zakrzewski, Sonia: Life Expectancy, 2015

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