Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kitchen's Ramesside Inscriptions and a question

Recognizing that a vast amount of scholarship is available at any number of file-sharing sites in Russia and elsewhere, and recognizing that a great many colleagues archive their own work in institutional repositories, in, and on their own websites, often in violation of the contracts they have signed with publishers, one wonders how to handle this phenomenon. For instance, the following appeared online at the Internet Archive nearly three years ago.  It's a poorly scanned version of what seems to be a photocopy of the poorly (but very expensively) published original eight volumes of this project. I've seen links to it on many Egyptological book-lists and websites, but I have not linked to it before.
Kenneth A. Kitchen Ramesside Inscriptions Vol 1
What do you think?

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  1. Vol 6 is the same as Vol 5, so the uploader made a misstake. They are poorly scanned, but it's definitely better than nothing. $2000 or thereabout to buy all volumes is silly.