Sunday, February 21, 2016

Open Access Journal: Etruscan Studies

[First posted in AWOL 9 December 2011. Updated 21 February 2016] 
Etruscan Studies
Etruscan Studies Journal
Etruscan Studies: Journal of the Etruscan Foundation is the leading scholarly publication on Etruscology and Italic Studies in the English language. The journal details activity in all areas of research and study related to Etruscan and pre-Roman Italy and publishes articles as well as reviews of meetings, exhibitions, and publications of interest to the professional community.
The journal invites submissions of original research in all disciplines relating to Etruscan and Italic Studies, such as archaeology, archaeometry, art history, epigraphy, and history. Archaeological site reports, either annual or multi-year, are also welcome. Submissions may be in English, French, German or Italian, but the final publication will be in English. All articles are peer-reviewed.
Founded in 1994, Etruscan Studies is a publication of the Etruscan Foundation. For information about the foundation and becoming a member, please click here. Members receive a complimentary subscription to Etruscan Studies
The following volumes are accessible at the Center for Etruscan Studies
Volume 11 (2008)
Volume 10 (2007)
Volume 9 (2002)
Volume 8 (2001)
Volume 7 (2000)
Volume 6 (1999)
Volume 5 (1998)
Volume 4 (1997)
Volume 3 (1996)
Volume 2 (1995)
Volume 1 (1994)

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