Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marcion - Revelator of True Gnosis: Software exploring original Gnostic scriptures

Marcion - Revelator of True Gnosis
Software exploring original Gnostic scriptures
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current version: 1.8.2 copyright © 2009-2015 Milan Konvicka
This software is published under the GPL v2 license.
Marcion is an educational software forming an integrated study environment of ancient languages (esp. Coptic, Greek and Latin) and providing necessary tools and resources (dictionaries, grammars, texts, manuscripts). Although Marcion is focused on to study the gnosticism and the early christianity, it is a customizable universal library working with various file formats (html, pdf, djvu) and allowing to collect, organize and backup books and texts of any kind and search for words and phrases in a desired selection of texts.

Overview of primary gnostic sources in Coptic language delivered with Marcion: Nag Hammadi Library (all texts); Berlin Codex (all texts); Codex Tchacos (Gospel of Judas); Askew Codex (Pistis Sophia); Bruce Codex (Books of Jeu)

Overview of sources of the early christianity in Coptic, Greek and Latin languages: Septuagint (LXX); Greek New Testament; Coptic New Testament (Sahidic, Bohairic); Coptic Old Testament (Sahidic, Bohairic); Christian apocrypha (Acts of Apostles); Latin Vulgate 

Overview of tools of Marcion: Coptic dictionary (W. E. Crum); Greek dictionary (LSJ); Coptic grammars (J. M. Plumley, H. Tattam); Latin dictionary (Ch. T. Lewis), Latin grammar (Ch. E. Bennett); simultaneous reader of versed texts, numeric converter between various ancient numeral systems; partially automated interlinear translator (word by word) of Coptic texts; Djvu reader; Pdf reader; and more ...

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