Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Latinum Electronicum

Latinum Electronicum
Ed. by Burch, Irene / Hiltscher, Simone / Wachter, Rudolf
The Latinum Electronicum is an interactive Latin course which teaches the basic knowledge of Latin. The course was developed within the framework of the Virtual Campus Switzerland in three languages German, French, and Italian. In 23 lessons, students can learn Latin and also prepare for the qualification in Latin exam. Animated graphics facilitate the comprehension of those grammatical topics that are especially challenging: for example, the ablativus absolutus and six other syntactic phenomena are described through the use of example sentences which are analyzed and translated before the eyes of the learner.
At a glance – special features of the Latinum Electronicum:
  • Introduction to Latin grammar through the use of authentic and original Latin sentences
  • More than 400 exercises based on approx. 25 different types of exercises with varying degrees of interaction and difficulty
  • Comprehensive exercises for practicing verb and noun forms
  • Flash animation for facilitating the understanding of complex syntactic phenomena and translation techniques
  • Comprehensive vocabulary trainer, vocabulary cards, and vocabulary lists
  • Lesson texts including both literal and free translations
  • A complete grammar, printable in PDF format, as well as conjugation and declension tables
  • Printable vocabulary cards
  • Keyword search for looking up vocabulary words
  • Glossary containing information on the culture-historical background of the people and events of the Antiquity and the Middle Ages
  • Audio recordings of vocabulary words, examples sentences from the grammar, and selected texts
  • Introduction to the pronunciation and meter of the Latin language
  • Three languages of instruction: German, French and Italian

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