Saturday, July 4, 2015

Daniel A Foxvog publications on Sumerian

[Foxvog's website has been shut down but remains accessible in the versions on the Wayback Machine. The dissertaion remains accessible at the Oriental Institute Chicago, and the Introduction to Sumerian and Glossary are now at CDLP (Cuneiform Digital Library Preprints)]

Daniel A Foxvog

Foxvog, Daniel A. Introduction to Sumerian Grammar 2016/01/04 PDF

Foxvog, Daniel A. Elementary Sumerian Glossary 2016/01/04 PDF
  The Sumerian Ventive. Doctoral Dissertation, Univ. of California, June 1974
   "Assyrian Texts 1," Assur I/4 (Malibu, 1974)
   "Astral Dumuzi," in M.E. Cohen et al., The Tablet and the Scroll. Near Eastern Studies
         in Honor of William W. Hallo (Bethesda, 1993) 103-108
   "Sumerian Brands and Branding Irons," Zeitschrift für Assyriologie 85 (1995) 1-7
   "Ur III Economic Texts at Berkeley," Acta Sumerologica 18 (1996) 47-92
  "Abgal's and Carp Actors," NABU 2007/4, 80-81 (No. 67)
   "Aspects of Name-Giving in Presargonic Lagash," in W. Heimpel & G. Frantz-Szabo,
         Strings and Threads. A Celebration of the Work of Anne Draffkorn Kilmer
         (Winona Lake, IN, 2011) 59-97

   "The Late Bilingual Exaltation of Ishtar (Inannas Erhöhung)."  Self-published (, 2014)

        Self-published (, 2014)

   "Ellipsis in Sumerian," in N. Koslova et al., Studies in Sumerian Language and Literature.

        Festschrift Joachim Krecher. Babel und Bibel 8 (Winona Lake, 2014) 209-248

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