Friday, June 12, 2015

Open Access Journal: Roda da Fortuna

Roda da Fortuna
ISSN: 2014-7430 (Print)
The Wheel of Fortune theme originated in Greco-Roman antiquity, probably from the fusion of two goddesses: Fors and Fortuna. This combination gave rise to Fors (Fortuna), the goddess who personified chance, fate and luck. Christianized in the Middle Ages, the Wheel of Fortune represents both the Wheel of Life and the Wheel of Chance, it symbolizes the continuous changes, both positive and negative, that the medieval man was subject to. 

With the ISSN (2014-7430) registered at the Biblioteca de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain), the Wheel of Fortune is a Journal that aims to publish, in electronic form, texts concerning Antiquity and the Middle Ages with an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies that combine History, Philosophy, Anthropology, Law, Arts, Literature, Philology, etc.

With a half-yearly publication, we intend to encourage the development of academic papers on the Ancient and Medieval world, thus contributing to disseminating research within the virtual medium.

This Journal publish two issues per year, the articles are evaluated by members of the Editorial Board and guest members invited each semester, and provides immediate open access to its content, following the principle that scientific knowledge freely available to the public supports a greater democratization of knowledge.

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