Friday, January 9, 2015

Encyclopaedia Iranica (EIr) Crowdsourcing Project

Encyclopaedia Iranica (EIr) Crowdsourcing Project
The Encyclopaedia Iranica (EIr) is launching a crowdsourcing project to improve access to our its free website (  Since the URL update in Spring 2010 there are still many broken EIr links on Wikipedia.  For those who would like to assist the Wikipedians and the EIr by repairing these links, here are the instructions:

What is a broken link?
A broken link is a link that no longer works properly, leaving readers stranded as they cannot connect to hyperlinked web pages, servers, or other resources on the internet (see also the definition in the Wikipedia entry “link rot

What can I do to help?
Create a Wiki ID and fix broken EIr links. Here is how:
Create a Wiki ID
Log on to Wikipedia ( If you do not have a Wiki username and password, you must create a Wiki ID, which will track and identify your work in Wikipedia.  This audit trail will allow fellow Wikipedians to post questions and comments about your work on the respective pages.
Use Google to find broken EIr links in Wikipedia
Use Google ( to look for EIr links that are broken by copying the terms given below into the search bar:
allinlinks: ""
  • Please note that some EIr links with the old URL are still working fine as they automatically redirect to the new URL, but in order  to prevent future malfunction they also need to be updated.  
  • Please ignore image files (.jpg, .gif, .png) whose Wikipedia URL starts with “File” (e.g., File:View of Erevan in 1796.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

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