Friday, November 28, 2014

A Gazetteer of the Copaic Basin

Robert Consoli
The work I've done so far now allows me to build a preliminary gazetteer.   I've put together such a gazetteer of the several place names in the Copaic Basin.   This includes the place names from [Simpson 1980] which I mentioned in a previous post.  To this I have added most of the place names and place indicators from [Farinetti 2009].  The Farinetti names are in a separate .kml so that you can use them together with the Simpson names or independently.  The Simpson names are divided into 'Mycenaean', 'Other sites', 'Channels', and 'Natural Features'.  The Farinetti names actually designate find spots of assemblages of artifacts and so I used Farinetti's own system where the names are grouped by region, 'around Orchomenos', 'around Levadeia', etc.  There are both .kml and .kmz files for these names.  In addition I put a tab-separated combined text list of these two sets of names on Google Drive if you prefer to use them that way.

If you download the .kml, for instance, and then double click on it Google Earth will start and display the combined files with Simpson and Farinetti's names.  The illustration shows what that will look like around the ancient Haliartos area in the SE Copaic Basin.  Paddles in blue are place names from Simpson, paddles in red with an 'F' are names from Farinetti.  Red paddles with a 'K' show the katavothrai (e.g. #24, 'Moulkios' in the center right of the illustration).  Paddles in white with a black dot are the sites that Simpson calls out as 'Mycenaean'.   Paddles in red with an 'F' often are preceded by numbers.  These numbers correspond to the numbers for places in the relevant sections of Farinetti.

Without a gazetteer it can be a little difficult to study this area since there are Mycenaean, classical, Roman, Medieval, and Modern name sets and sometimes all of them for the same place.  I hope this gazetteer helps and I'd be grateful to receive corrections.

 The files can be retrieved from Google Drive:

.kml combined names list
.kmz combined names list
.txt tab-separated combined text list

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