Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Biblical Law Cumulative Bibliography

Biblical Law Cumulative Bibliography
John W. Welch Professor of Law Brigham Young University
This version of the Biblical Law Bibliography supplements and updates three previous stages of this project: the first version was published as a book by the Edwin Mellen Press in 1990; and supplements have appeared in the Zeitschrift für Altorientalische und Biblische Rechtsgeschichte in 1997 and 2002. The present version of this bibliography combines and further updates all three of these previous installments. 

The ongoing work of identifying books, chapters in books, and scholarly articles on various aspects of biblical law seems unending. Although the cumulative list continues to expand, it remains far from complete. For example, no attempt has been made in this bibliography to list the numerous commentaries on books in the Bible that contain remarks about law-related passages. As this data has migrated from one computer to another, differences in formatting and computer difficulties have arisen. Thus, the following material is not necessarily presented in a perfectly consistent fashion, and errors inevitably occur notwithstanding our best efforts to avoid any such problems. In spite of any limitations that this bibliography may have, I hope that it will be serviceable to any serious researcher interested in the fascinating and extensive field of biblical law. Additions or corrections are always welcome. 
This bibliography is arranged by author, with category markers in square brackets given at the end of most entries. This system of classification by categories is somewhat imprecise, but as a rough guide these category markers may be useful and facilitate searching. The category numbers in square brackets correspond to the subject categories listed below. However, users should be aware that many entries could and should be marked with multiple category codes, whereas many are marked only with one or two. Thus, searching the data base from several angles and in different languages is necessary to begin to locate all of the entries relevant to a certain topic.

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