Monday, February 17, 2014

New Ancient World Content in JSTOR

In January 2014 JSTOR announced the launch of the Hebrew Collection:
With a minimum of 40 titles, the Hebrew Journals Collection draws from an interdisciplinary range of titles published primarily in Hebrew. The collection is the first on JSTOR to be released in a non-Roman alphabet, creating an essential resource for scholars in Hebrew worldwide. Top disciplines include Jewish studies, language and literature, and archaeology, with journals drawn from leading organizations such as the Bialik Institute, the World Union of Jewish Studies, and the Israel Antiquities Authority. The JSTOR platform has been adapted in ways that now support the requirements of the Hebrew language. These include right-to-left reading, searchability in Hebrew, and journal metadata in both Hebrew and English when provided, including author names, titles, and tables of contents.
Among these is an important subset of Hebrew journals focusing on Antiquity:
'Atiqot / עתיקות (Hebrew)
Previous Title: 'Atiqot: Hebrew Series / עתיקות: סידרה עברית
Coverage: Vols. 1-10 (1955-1990);
Vols. 20-74 (1991-2013)
Moving Wall: zero
Publisher: Israel Antiquities Authority / רשות העתיקות
ISSN: 0792-8424
Note: Content for this title is released as soon as the latest issues become available to JSTOR.

Jewish Studies / מדעי היהדות (Hebrew; Jewish Studies)
Previous Title: Newsletter (World Union of Jewish Studies) / ידיעון - האיגוד העולמי למדעי היהדות
Coverage: Nos. 1/2 - 29 (1970-1989);
No. 30 (1990) - Vol. 47 (2010)
Moving Wall: 2 years
Publisher: World Union of Jewish Studies / האיגוד העולמי למדעי היהדות
ISSN: 0792-5964

Meghillot: Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls / מגילות: מחקרים במגילות מדבר יהודה (Hebrew)
Coverage: Vols. 1 - 8/9 (2003-2010)
Moving Wall: 2 years
Publisher: Bialik Institute, Jerusalem / מוסד ביאליק, ירושלים
ISSN: 2309-3501

Mitekufat Haeven: Journal of the Israel Prehistoric Society / מתקופת האבן (Hebrew)
Coverage: Vols. 1-39 (1960-2009)
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Israel Prehistoric Society / העמותה הישראלית לפרהיסטוריה
ISSN: 0334-3839

Shnaton: An Annual for Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies / שנתון לחקר המקרא והמזרח הקדום (Hebrew; Jewish Studies)
Coverage: Vols. 1-20 (1975-2010)
Moving Wall: 1 year
Publisher: Mandel Institute for Jewish Studies / המכון למדעי היהדות ע"ש מנדל
ISSN: 0334-2891
Note: No issues were published in 2011. Vol. 21 (2012) will be released in 2014.
Other new titles:
Listy filologické / Folia philologica [1887- ] (Arts & Sciences XI)
Previous Title: Listy filologické a paedagogické [1874-1886] (1801-1934)
Coverage: Roč. 1, Cís. 1 (1874) – Roč. 13, Cís. 5/6 (1886);
Roč. 14, Cís. 1 (1887) – Vol. 132, No. 3/4 (2009)
Moving Wall: 3 years
Publisher: Institute for Classical Studies, part of the Institute for Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague
ISSN: 0024-4457

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