Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Arshama Letters from the Bodleian Library

The Arshama Letters from the Bodleian Library (eds. C. J. Tuplin, J. Ma).
This multi-parted, multi-authored work is a preliminary presentation of some of the findings and activities of the AHRC-funded Research Network which explopred the documents relating to the Persian satrap of Egypt, Arshama. This work should be considered as a forerunner of, or taster for, the forthcoming volume Arshama and Egypt: The World of an Achaemenid Prince (OUP). All parts can be freely downloaded for research and instruction purposes, and full citation of the editors and authors should be given.

Vol. 1 Introduction (J. Ma, C. J. Tuplin, L. Allen)
Vol. 2 Texts and Translations with glossary (D. G. K. Taylor)
(This volume can also be downloaded as separate parts: textstranslationglossary,)
Vol. 3 Commentary (C. J. Tuplin)
Vol. 4 Bibliography and abbreviations
 This speaks Arshama: Letter of a fifth-century BC Persian prince

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