Monday, November 25, 2013

The Distribution of Tin (Cassiterite) - Mediterranean Bronze Age

The Distribution of Tin (Cassiterite) - Mediterranean Bronze Age
The Tin (Cassiterite) Distribution Google Earth 3D GIS Project was originally initiated in 2007 and has finally come to fruition. It is intended to definitively present all currently known instances of the primary ore of Tin throughout the entirety of Europe, the Middle East, and all of North Africa in an attempt to begin to finally put to an end the lingering controversy regarding the availability of Tin to the Eastern Mediterranean during the Bronze Age.

This mapping includes geological expressions of Tin that range from the largest ancient and modern mines to the smallest, most uneconomical ore sites. While Bronze Age peoples would not have known of the deep sites discovered by modern geophysical techniques or would have wasted their time on the tiniest instances of the ore, they must have been aware of many of the most abundant and accessible sources of Cassiterite from the alluvial deposits in river sediments, etc...
If you already have Google Earth setup on your computer all you need to do is download the GIS mapping below but if not you will need to download the free version here:
With Google Earth downloaded, installed, and working properly on your computer you are now ready to download the GIS mapping file:
*NOTE: Please refresh (reload) this webpage to download the latest version.

Current Version: November 21, 2013
Download Tin Distribution Bronze Age GIS Mapping
Once downloaded simply open it and Google Earth will automatically start up and display the mapping from a great elevation. You can grab the map and move it anywhere you wish by holding down the left mouse button. There are three controls on the upper right of the screen. The top one is for tilting and rotating. The middle one is for panning and the bottom slider is for zooming in and out. Just position an area of interest in the center of the screen and zoom in to see the map's detail. The latitude, longitude, and elevation of your mouse position is displayed on the bottom of the screen.

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