Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Conference Podcast: Greek Literary Epigram: From the Hellenistic to the Early Byzantine Era

Greek Literary Epigram: From the Hellenistic to the Early Byzantine Era
International Conference UCL, 11-13 September 2013
Organisers: C. Carey (UCL), M. Kanellou (UCL), I. Petrovic (Durham)
Though there has been a surge in interest in Greek literary epigram during the last decades, much of the discussion still centres on the Hellenistic period or on specific poets. This conference, which brought together some of the most distinguished international experts in the field, sought to explore the genre on a larger canvas, combining a wider chronological sweep with a precise focus on key themes. This website brings together the conference papers as delivered for those who wanted to be there but couldn't - or just those who would like to understand the epigram better.
Welcome Speech
Chris Carey (UCL)
Session 1: Crossing the Boundary
Chair: Chris Carey
Session 2: Hellenistic Epigram as Text
Chair: Anna Maria Kanthak
Session 3: Epigram and Gods
Chair: Enrico Magnelli
Thursday 12/09/13
Session 4: Epigram, Emotions and Philosophers
Chair: Don Lavigne
Doris Meyer (Strasbourg)
Joseph Romero (Mary Washington)
Session 5: Epigrammatic Death
Chair: Carlos Jesus
Session 6: Points of Contact
Chair: Ivana Petrovic
Marco Fantuzzi (Columbia)
Friday 13/09/13
Session 8: Scoptic Epigram
Chair: Antonietta Provenza

Session 9: Negotiating Language: Bilingualism and Riddles
Chair: Maria Plastira-Valkanou
Session 10: Epigram between Paganism and Christianity
Chair: Margherita Maria Di Nino
Session 11: Agathias' Cycle
Chair: Maria Vasiloudi
Closing Remarks
Chris Carey (UCL)

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