Saturday, June 1, 2013


RAM3D is an expandable database devoted to the study of three-bladed waterline rams. The rams were made of high-quality bronze and served as reinforced projections placed at the bows of oared warships built around the shores of the Mediterranean throughout Classical antiquity (roughly from the 6th century BCE to the 2nd century CE). The initial examples presented through RAM3D include the evidence derived from the different classes of oared galley that fought in the famous Battle Actium (31 BCE). Additional examples from authentic rams and large sculptural models and reliefs will be added over time to the RAM3D database. These examples will provide students and researchers the opportunity to view and analyze complex elements of ancient warships that are best seen in 3D, that is, the ability to view the data in real time from multiple perspectives and diversity of scales.

Each source of data (e.g., Augustus' Victory Monument) is presented within its proper historical context and provided with a detailed bibliography. Archival records and photos are presented when available, as are a full range of study photographs. The 3D models of monuments and artifacts included in this database are based on various data sets, including 3D laser scans, and are displayed in a number of formats. As our research advances and additional models are created, the database will grow to accommodate the new material. The ultimate goal is to provide students and researchers with scalable 3D models that can assist the development and testing of new designs for different sizes of warship.

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