Wednesday, June 19, 2013

News from the Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank

From Gnomon Bibliographische Datenbank by email
In addition to the monthly updated online version
(, the Gnomon Bibliographic Database is
now also available as a full download for local installations.

The software installer and installation manuals in multiple languages
can be downloaded at
Both versions are free of charge.

The GBD is a joint creation of the Chairs of Ancient History of the
Universities of Eichstätt and Augsburg. Comprising over 500000
entries, it is one of the most extensive database systems for
specialized literature in the Classics, also including literature on
the subject-specific history of the Classics. The GBD contains
monograph studies, anthologies, articles in periodicals, reviews, and
encyclopedias in various languages that can be searched with a
comprehensive and multilingual thesaurus (German, English, French,
Spanish, and Italian; currently around 25000 keywords). The
possibility of linking research results to YouTube-contents and
internet resources is currently a distinct feature of the GBD.
Moreover, cooperative collaborations enable the inclusion of new
publications of, for instance, the Bavarian State Library (Munich)
and, only recently, of the Joint Library of the Hellenic & Roman
Societies (London). The GBD also cooperates with the editorial team of
Gnomon (Munich) and the Virtual Library Classical Studies, Propylaeum.

 You can find further information on the database and current projects
at <>.

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