Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aigyptos Egyptological Bibliographical Database

AIGYPTOS is now part of the Online Egyptological Bibliography
Dear AIGYPTOS users,

Most of the AIGYPTOS records have now been imported into the Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB) and can be accessed there. The remainder will be revised and imported within the next couple of months. As it was in AIGYPTOS, a field specific structured search has now been implemented in the OEB, including database search by keywords (in English language).

The OEB provides its users with far more data, covering almost all Egyptological publications from the early 19th century to the present. However, since it must be largely self sustaining in the future, it has been designed as a pay site.

We like to thank you again for your support of AIGYPTOS and would be happy to welcome you at the OEB.

PD Dr. Martina Ullmann (München)
Dr. Andreas Hutterer (München)
Stefanie Hardekopf, M.A. (Heidelberg)

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