Friday, May 13, 2011


Blogger was out of order for much of Thursday and Friday (May 12-13).  It is now operational, though some data still requires restoration.  For any of you who care to read it, there's more information from Blogger / Google here.  This makes me worry about backup.

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  1. I am a dedicated user of Blogger and while I'm not exactly worried about backup, once a month I do make a local backup of my blogs; there's an easy download option on the Basic Settings page. I do have some content I would be sorry to lose since I use blogs as rough drafts for future books. So, I am glad Google introduced that backup options. It's easy to do and makes me feel safer, even though I worry about Blogger less than I do some of the other hosted services on which I rely (especially Flickr, given the precarious status of Yahoo as an Internet company these days).