Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Open Access Forum: Teaching Archaeology to Undergraduates

Posted today in Dig-it-al NEA  Near Eastern Archaeology's online forum featuring original essays, reviews, and other content to complement the print publication of the journal.

Teaching Archaeology to Undergraduates
This Forum stems from the session “Teaching Archaeology to Undergraduates and K-12 Schoolchildren” co-chaired by Ellen D. Bedell and Eric H. Cline at the 2010 ASOR Annual Meeting in Atlanta. The theme of the 2010 session was the use of technology to teach archaeology. Four of the presentations are being made available on Dig-it-al NEA in hopes that these papers inspire others to incorporate similar techniques and technology into their own curriculum.
By Ellen D. Bedell and Eric H. Cline
Bringing the Near Eastern Past To Life (pdf)
By Stephanie Langin-Hooper and Terri Tanaka
Finding One's Own Voice (pdf)
By Lisa C. Kahn
The Old (World) and New (Technologies) (pdf)
By Elaine Sullivan
Creative Teaching: Using Digital Media in the Classroom (pdf)
The Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal (iMovie)
By Stephanie P. Elkins

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