Friday, April 15, 2011

Interactive Album of Mediaeval Palaeography

Interactive Album of Mediaeval Palaeography:  Collection of Transcription Exercises on Mediaeval Documents

Mediaeval Palaeography is a science in its own right, and a long learning process is necessary to master it. It is not only the art of reading writings of the past, but it also encompasses the history of writing, the analysis of forms and contexts of writing (material culture, social History, etc.). The purpose of this interactive album, consisting in a collection of transcription exercises, is not to be a substitute for a proper learning of this science, but simply to allow students or amateurs (genealogists, History enthusiasts, etc.) to train themselves in the practical aspect of palaeography, that is reading manuscript texts.
To learn how to use the exercises, you can read the help page.
Notice: this website is available in English for the most part. Only the introduction (short description) of each exercise is in French, although the text is short.

Website for training in practical palaeographical skills proposed by the transversal Digital Humanities programme of the UMR 5648 - Histoire, Archéologie, Littératures des Mondes Chrétiens et Musulmans Médiévaux (Universités Lyon 2, Lyon 3, Avignon et Pays de Vaucluse; CNRS, EHESS, ENS Lyon)

User manual

- by language Latin French
- by difficulty Facile Easy Moyen Average Difficile Difficult

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