Thursday, September 12, 2013

AMIR (Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources)

This project began as a consequence of a series of conversations in 2010 between Charles Jones and Peter Magierski about the need for a tool to assemble and distribute information on open access material relating to the Middle East and Islamic Studies.
As the number of open access resources grows we hope this project will provide a more complete and up-to-date list of open access journals and digitization projects.

AMIR uses Chuck Jones' AWOL as a model and is available via email subscription or variety of RSS tools.  
AMIR's List of Open Access Journals in Middle Eastern Studies (a few of which also appear in AWOL's List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies) surpassed 500 titles on 10 September 2013.
We welcome and encourage active participation.

We look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Charles Jones
Tombros Librarian for Classics & Mediterranean Studies, Penn State University Librariew

Peter Magierski

Middle East Studies Librarian, Columbia University Libraries

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