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Open Access Journal: Lampeter Working Papers in Classics

[First posted in AWOL 1 June 2010.  Updated 9 August 2011.  The original site has disappeared, apparently as a consequence of the merger of Trinity University College and the University of Wales Lampeter.  I have linked here to the Wayback Machine's 22 June 2008 archive of the site, pending rediscovery of an active location.  If you know where it has reappeared, please comment below.]

Lampeter Working Papers in Classics

Working Papers may be cited without seeking prior permission from the author. The proper form for citing Working Papers in this series is:
Author (year). Title. Version #.# Month. Lampeter Working Papers in Classics.

Posting a paper on this site does not preclude simultaneous or subsequent publication elsewhere, including other Working Papers series. The copyright of a Working Paper is held by the author or by his or her assignee: see Copyright Statement.

Downloadable copies of Working Papers will be removed from this site if and when authors indicate to the website coordinators that they have been published elsewhere, or if it comes to the website coordinators’ attention that the paper has appeared in print. A link will then be created with the full reference to the published version of the paper. Once a paper has been published elsewhere, it is preferable to cite it in its final, published version, rather than in its Working Paper version.

List of Papers

Errietta Bissa (UWL)

Alberto Dalla Rosa (Pisa)

Lowell Edmunds (Rutgers)

Sarah Hitch (Bristol)

Owen Hodkinson (UWL)

Stephen Lambert (Cardiff - Utrecht)

Giuseppe Lentini (Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC)

Christopher Lillington-Martin (The Henley College, Oxfordshire)

Ruth Parkes (Oxford)

Antonio Pistellato (Venice)

Federico Santangelo (UWL)

Frederik Vervaet (Melbourne)

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