Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Open Access Journal: Fennoscandia archaeologica

Fennoscandia archaeologica
Published by The Archaeological Society of Finland

The aim of this publication is to encourage discussion within the discipline and to improve the standard of archaeological research by contacts on the interdisciplinary and international levels.

Fennoscandia archaeologica has been published annually since 1984.

With index and full-text PDFs

I (1984); II (1985); III (1986); IV (1987); V (1988); VI (1989);
VII (1990); VIII (1991); IX (1992); X (1993); XI (1994) XII (1995);
XIII (1996); XIV (1997); XV (1998); XV I(1999); XVII (2000);
XVIII (2001); XIX (2002); XX (2003); XXI (2004); XXII (2005);
XXIII(2006) XXIV(2007)

All-in-one (400 MB ZIP-file containing vols. I-XXIV, 234 PDF-files)


With index and title-page PDFs

XXV (2008); XXVI (2009)

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