Friday, December 4, 2009

3 More Open Access Journals

Before Farming, the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers
ISSN 1476-4261 online

Welcome to Before Farming, the journal designed for archaeologists and anthropologists researching hunter-gatherers past and present.

The online journal is quarterly, published by the Western Academic & Specialist Press.

Each year a paperback volume is published. This is a compilation of the previous year's online issues. Because it is not always possible to transfer all elements of the online version directly to print this volume is not an exact reproduction of the online version of the journal.

The first two online issues of Before Farming are free to view and download. Please note that although the format of these two issues is similar to later issues of the journal the title and scope of Before Farming has since changed. Formerly concerned with "the archaeology of Old World hunter-gatherers" the journal is now expanded to encompass "the archaeology and anthropology of hunter-gatherers" with no geographical or temporal restrictions. Please bear this in mind when perusing these issues.
Saudi Aramco World

Saudi Aramco, the oil company born as an international enterprise 75 years ago, distributes Saudi Aramco World to increase cross-cultural understanding. The bimonthly magazine's goal is to broaden knowledge of the cultures, history and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their connections with the West. Saudi Aramco World is distributed without charge, upon request, to interested readers worldwide.
In print, Saudi Aramco World is published six times a year: January/February (JF); March/April (MA); May/June (MJ); July/August (JA); September/October (SO) and November/December (ND). From its launch in 1949 until the May/June 2000 issue, the magazine's name was Aramco World. The July/August 2000 issue was the first to carry the name Saudi Aramco World .

Studia Judaica

In 1995 a suggestion was made to establish the Polish Association for Jewish Studies, which would have as its main goal the consolidation and integration of scholars and institutions involved in Jewish Studies. In February 1996 the Polish Association for Jewish Studies (PAJS) was registered in Cracow. Statutory aims of PAJS are the promotion and popularization of scholarly research on Jewish history and culture, with particular attention to the history of the Jews in Poland, and the development of cooperation with Polish and foreign institutions and associations.

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