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Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A and M University: Alumni Theses and Dissertations Online

Nautical Archaeology Program, Texas A and M University: Alumni Theses and Dissertations
If you are downloading a thesis directly from this website, right click on the PDF file in the index and choose "save as." If a link is not present at the end of an abstract, the thesis will be available soon. 

All Anthropology Department theses and dissertations can also be downloaded from the Anthropology website here.

Adams, Robert M.A. 1985 Construction and Qualitative Analysis of a Sewn Boat of the Western Indian Ocean
Amer, Christopher M.A. 1986 Construction of the Brown Bay Vessel
Atauz, Ayse Ph.D. 2004 Trade, piracy, and naval warfare in the central Mediterranean: the maritime history and archaeology of Malta
Atkins, Carrie M.A. 2009 More Than a Hull: Religious Ritual and Sacred Space on Board the Ancient Ship
Bachhuber, Christoph M.A. 2003 Aspects of Late Helladic sea trade
Baker, James M.A. 1992 Computers and Nautical Archaeology: Characterization of the C.S.S. Georgia Wreck Site
Baldwin, Elizabeth Robinson M.A. 1997 The Reconstruction of the Lake Champlain Sidewheel Steamer Champlain II
Bartoli, Dante G. Ph.D 2008 Marble Transport in the Time of the Severans: A New Analysis of the Punta Scifo a Shipwreck at Croton, Italy
Batchvarov, Kroum N. M.A. 2002 The Framing of Seventeenth-Century Men-of-War in England and Other Northern European Countries
Batchvarov, Kroum N. Ph.D. 2009 The Kitten Shipwreck: Archaeology and Reconstructino of a Black Sea Merchantman
Borgens, Amy M.A. 2004 Analysis of the Pass Cavallo Shipwreck Assemblage, Matagorda Bay, Texas
Bratten, John Ph.D. 1997 The Continental Gondola Philadelphia
Brenni, Gianmarco M.A. 1985 The Dolia and the Sea-Borne Commerce of Imperial Rome
Brigadier, Sara M.A. 2002 The Artifact Assemblage From the Pepper Wreck: An Early Seventeenth Century Portuguese East-Indiaman That Wrecked in the Tagus River
Buford, Valerie M.A. 2000 The Militia of the Seas: A Guide to the Confederate Privateers of the American Civil War, 1861-1865
Cabrera Tejedor, Carlos M.A. 2010 Re-Conservation of Wood from the Seventeenth-Century Swedish Warship the Vasa with Alkoxysilanes: a Re-Treatment Study Applying Thermosetting Elastomers
Carter, Brinnen M.A. 1995 Armament Remains from His Majesty's Sloop
Cassavoy, Ken M.A. 1985 The Gaming Pieces from the Glass Wreck at Serce Limani, Turkey
Castro, Luis Filipe Viera de Ph.D. 2001 The Pepper Wreck: A Portuguese Indiaman at the Mouth of the Tagus River
Catsambis, Alexis M.A. 2008 The Bronze Age Shipwreck at Sheytan Deresi
Charlton, William H. M.A. 1996 Rope and the Art of Knot-Tying in the Seafaring of the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
Choltco, Margaret M.A. 2009 Foreign Influences and Consequences on the Nuragic Culture of Sardinia
Claesson, Stefan H. M.A. 1998 Annabella: A North American Coasting Vessel
Clifford,Sheila A. M.A. 1993 An Analysis of the Port Royal Shipwreck and Its Role in the Maritime History of Seventeenth-Century Port Royal, Jamaica
Coggeshall, James M.A. 1997 The Fireship and Its Role in the Royal Navy
Coke, BobbyeJo Evon M.A. 2004 Conservation of Waterlogged Linoleum
Collins, Claire Aliki M.A. 2012 Amphora Graffiti from the Byzantine Shipwreck at Novy Svet, Crimea
Cook, Christopher J. M.A. 2001 Maritimity in Prehistoric Scandinavia: Cognitive Domain Formation and the Reconstruction of a Mesolithic Mindset
Cook, Gregory M.A. 1997 The Readers Point Vessel: Hull Analysis of an Eighteenth-Century Merchant Sloop Excavated in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica
Corder, Catharine M.A. 2007 La Belle: Rigging in the Days of the Spritsail Topmast, A Reconstruction of a Seventeenth-Century Ship's Rig
Cowin, Margaret M.A. 1986 Artifacts Recovered off the Southwestern Turkish Coast by Institute of Nautical Archaeology Shipwreck Surveys in 1973 and 1980
Cox, Starr M. M.A. 2008 Enfield rifles: the composite conservation of our american civil war heritage
Cozzi, Joseph R. Ph.D. 2000 The Lake Champlain Sailing Canal Boat
Creasman, Pearce Paul M.A. 2005 The Cairo Dahshur Boats
Creasman, Pearce Paul Ph.D. 2010 Extracting Cultural Information from Ship Timbers
Crisman, Kevin M.A. 1984 The Eagle: An American Brig on Lake Champlain During the War of 1812
Custer, Katie M.A. 2004 Wrought Iron Hand Tools from the Underwater Archaeological Excavations of Colonial Port Royal, Jamaica, C. 1692
Custer Bojakowski, Katie Ph.D. 2011 Exporation and Empire: Iconographic Evidence of Iberian Ships of Discovery
Daniel, Joshua A. M.A. 2009 Etruscan Amphorae and Trade in the Western Mediterranean, 800-400 B.C.E.
Danis, Doreen M.A. 2002 An Analysis of Galley Ware from a Ninth-Century Shipwreck at Bozburun, Turkey
Darrington, Glenn P. M.A. 1994 Analysis and Reconstruction of Impermanent Structures of the 17th and 18th Centuries
Darroch, Alison M.A. 1986 The Visionary Shadow: A Description and Analysis of the Armaments Aboard the Santo Antonio de Tanna
Davis, Danny L. M.A. 2001 Navigation in the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean
Dewolf, Helen C. Ph.D. 1998 Chinese Porcelain and Seventeenth-Century Port Royal, Jamaica
Donachie, Madeleine Ph.D. 2001 Household Ceramics at Port Royal, Jamaica, 1655-1692: The Building 4/5 Assemblage
Doyle, Noreen M.A. 1998 Iconography and the Interpretation of Ancient Egyptian Watercraft
Emery, Eric M.A. 2003 The Last of Mr. Brown's Mosquito Fleet:  A History and Archaeology of the American Row Galley Allen on Lake Champlain, 1814 - 1825
Erwin, Gail M.A. 1994 Personal Possessions from the H.M.S. Boscawen: Life on Board a Mid Eighteenth-century Warship During the French and Indian War
Feulner, Mark A. M.A. 2002 An Analysis of Iron Goods Recovered from La Salle's Belle
Fitzgerald, Michael M.A. 1995 A Roman Wreck at Caesarea Maritima, Israel: A Comparative Study of Its Hull and Equipment
Flanigan, Alan T. M.A. 1999 The Rigging Material from Boscawen: Setting the Sails of a Mid-Eighteenth-Century Warship during the French and Indian War
Flynn, Peter E. M.A. 2006 H.M.S. Pallas: Historical Reconstruction of an 18th-Century Royal Navy Frigate
Ford, Benjamin L. Ph.D. 2009 Lake Ontario Maritime Cultural Landscape
Fox, Georgia L. M.A. 1991 The Bronze Age Objects from Tel Nami, Israel: Their Conservation and Implications for Ancient Metallurgy in the Eastern Mediterranean
Fox, Georgia L. Ph.D. 1998 The Study and Analysis of the Kaolin Clay Tobacco Pipe Collection from the Seventeenth-Century Archaeological Site of Port Royal, Jamaica
Fraga, Tiago M.A. 2007 Santo Antonio de Tanna:  Story and Reconstruction
Franklin, Carol M.A. 1985 Caulking Techniques in Northern and Central European Ships and Boats: 1500 BC - AD 1940
Franklin, Marianne M.A. 1992 Wrought Iron Hand Tools in Port Royal, Jamaica: A Study Based Upon a Collection of the Tools recovered from Archaeological Excavations and on Tools Listed in the Probate Inventories of Colonial Port Royal, c. 1692
Franklin, Marianne Ph.D. 2005 Blood and Water; The Archaeological Excavation and Historical Analysis of the Wreck of the Industry, A North-American Transport Sloop Chartered by the British Army at the End of the Seven Years War:  British Colonial Navigation and Trade to Supply Spanish Florida in the Eighteenth Century
Garcia, Gustavo Adolfo M.A. 2005 The Rincón Astrolabe Shipwreck
Garigen, Lisa M.A. 1991 Description and Analysis of Seventeenth-Century Flintlock Pistols from Pedro Bank, Jamaica
Garver, Elizabeth M.A. 1993 Byzantine Amphoras of the Ninth through Thirteenth Centuries in the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology 
Geannette, Mark M.A. 1983 Mast Step and Keelson: The Early Development of a Shipbuilding Technology 
Goelet, Michael M.A. 1986 The Careening and Bottom Maintenance of Wooden Sailing Vessels 
Gordon, LeeAnne E. M.A. 2009 Newash and Tecumseth: Analysis of Two Post-War of 1812 Vessels on the Great Lakes
Gotelipe-Miller, Shirley M.A. 1990 Pewter and Pewterers from Port Royal, Jamaica: Flatware Before 1692 
Grant, David M.A. 1996 Tools from the French and Indian War Sloop Boscawen 
Grieco, Glenn M.A. 2003 Modeling la Belle: A Reconstruction of a Seventeenth-Century Light Frigate 
Haddan, Lester J. M.A. 1995 Ceramics from the American Steamboat Phoenix (1815-1819) and their Role in Understanding Shipboard Life
Hailey, Tommy I. Ph.D. 1994 The Analysis of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-Century Ceramics from Port Royal, Jamaica for Lead Release: A Study in Archaeotoxicology 
Haldane, Cheryl W. M.A. 1984 The Dashur Boats 
Haldane, Cheryl W. Ph.D. 1993 Ancient Egyptian Hull Construction 
Haldane, David M.A. 1984 The Wooden Anchor 
Hall, Jerome Ph.D. 1996 A Seventeenth-Century Northern European Merchant Shipwreck in Monte Cristi Bay, Dominican Republic 
Halpern, Michael M.A. 1985 The Origins of the Carolinian Sidereal Compass 
Harpster, Matthew B. Ph.D. 2005 A Re-Assembly and Reconstruction of the 9th Century A.D. Vessel Wrecked off the Coast of Bozburun, Turkey 
Hartmann, Mark Ph.D. 1996 The Development of Watercraft In The Prehistoric Southeastern United States 
Hazlett, Alexander D. Ph.D. 2007 The Nao of the Livro Nautico:  Reconstructing a Sixteenth Century Indiaman from Texts 
Hedrick, David Ph.D. 1998 The Investigation of the Caney Creek Shipwreck Archaeological Site 41MG32 
Heidtke, Kenan P. M.A. 1992 Jamaican Red Clay Tobacco Pipes 
Herron, Richard Ph.D. 1998 The Development of Asian Watercraft: From the Prehistoric Era to the Advent of European Colonization 
Hirschfeld, Nicolle M.A. 1990 Incised Marks on Late Helladic and Late Minoan III Pottery 
Hitchcock, Peter W. M.A. 2002 Intelligent Whale: A Historical and Archaeological Analysis of an American Civil War Submersible  
Hocker, Frederick Ph.D. 1991 The Development of a Bottom-Based Shipbuilding Tradition in Northwestern Europe and the New World 
Hoskins, Sara M.A. 2003 16th Century Cast-Bronze Ordnance at the Museu de Angra do Heroismo 
Hoyt, Steven M.A. 1986 An Empirical System for the Identification of Smooth Bore, Case Iron Cannon 
Hundley, Paul M.A. 1980 The Construction of the Griffon Cove Wreck 
Indruszewski, George M.A. 1996 A Comparative Analysis of Early Medieval Shipwrecks from the Southern Shores of the Baltic Sea 
Ingram, Rebecca S. M.A. 2005 Faience and Glass Beads From the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck at Uluburun
Inoue, Takahiko M.A. 1991 A Nautical Archaeological Study of Kublai Khan's Fleets 
James, Stephen M.A. 1985 The Analysis of the Conde de Tolosa and the Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Olive Jar Assemblage 
Jobling, Harold James M.A. 1993 The History and Development of English Anchors ca. 1550 to 1850 
Johnson, David A. M.A. 2001 Port Royal, Jamaica, and the Slave Trade 
Jones, Michael R. M.A. 2007 Oxhide Ingots, Copper Production, and the Mediterranean Trade in Copper and Other Metals in the Bronze Age 
Jones, Toby Nephi M.A. 2004 The Mica shipwreck: Deepwater nautical archaeology in the Gulf of Mexico 
Kampbell, Sarah M.A. 2007 The Pantano Longarini Shipwreck:  A Reanalysis
Kane, Adam I. M.A. 2001 The Western River Steamboat: Structure and Machinery, 1811 to 1860 
Kane, Timothy J. M.A. 2006 Influence and Evolution:  The Development of the Batten Lug Sail
Kitson-Mimmack, Joy Joan M.A. 1988 The Glass Beakers of the Eleventh-Century Serçe Limani Shipwreck -- A Preliminary Study
Laanela, Erika E. M.A. 2008 Instrucción Náutica (1587) by Diego García de Palacio: an Early Nautical Handbook from Mexico
Labbe, Matthew M.A. 2010 A Preliminary Reconstruction of the Yassiada Sixteenth Century Ottoman Wreck
Lakey, Denise M.A. 1987 Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Cadiz: A Catalog of Historically Documented Wrecks from the Fifteenth Through the Nineteenth Centuries
Lamb, William M.A. 1988 The Provenance of the Stone Ballast from the Molasses Reef Wreck
Lang, Shelley M.A. 1986 The Mittie Stephens: A Sidewheel Steamboat on the Inland Rivers, 1863-1869
Larson, Thomas S. M.A. 2009 Experiments Concerning the Mold Materials Used in the Production of the Copper Ingots from the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck Excavated at Uluburun, Turkey
Leidwanger, Justin M.A. 2005 Results of the First Two Season of Underwater Surveys at Episkopi Bay and Akrotiri, Cyprus
Leshikar, Margaret M.A. 1993 The 1794 Wreck of the Ten Sail, Cayman Islands, British West Indies: A Historical Study and Archaeological Survey
Lessman, Anne W. M.A. 1997 The Rhenish Stoneware from the Monte Cristi Shipwreck, Dominican Republic
Levin, Joshua A. M.A. 2006 Western Empire:  The Deep Water Wreck of a Mid-Nineteenth Century Wooden Sailing Ship
Lin, Shih-Han Samuel M.A. 2003 Lading of the Late Bronze Age ship at Uluburun
Littlefield, Johnny D. M.A. 2012 The Hull Remains of the Late Hellenistic Shipwreck at Kizilburun, Turkey
Lloyd, Manuela M.A. 1984 A Byzantine Shipwreck at Iskandil Burnu, Turkey: Preliminary Report
Lyon, Jerry M.A. 1993 The Pottery from a Fifth Century B.C. Shipwreck at Ma'agan Michael, Israel
Makela, Tommi T. M.A. 2002 Ships and Shipbuilding in Mesopotamia (CA. 3000-2000 B.C.)
Margariti, Roxani Eleni M.A. 1998 The Seytan Deresi Wreck and the Minoan Connection in the Eastern Aegean
Mark, Samuel M.A. 1993 A Study of Possible Trade Routes Between Egypt and Mesopotamia, ca. 3500-3100 B.C.
Mark, Samuel Ph.D. 2000 Homeric Seafaring
Marquez, Carmen M.A. 1995 Cultural Contributions to the Island of St. John, United States Virgin Islands; Underwater Historical Archaeology at Cruz Bay
Matthews, Sheila M.A. 1983 The Rig of the Eleventh-Century Ship at Serce Liman, Turkey
McClenaghan, Patricia M.A. 1988 Drinking Glasses from Port Royal, Jamaica, Circa 1660-1850: A Study of Styles and Usage.
McDermott, Brendan J. M.A. 1998 English and American Shipboard 1725-1825
McCaskill, Jennifer R. M.A. 2009 Conserving Waterlogged Rope: A Review of Traditional Methods and Experimental Research with Polyethylene Glycol
McLaughlin, Kathleen M.A. 1992 Two Eighteenth-Century Prams from the Ijsselmeer Polders.
McLaughlin, Scott A. M.A. 2000 History Told from the Depths of Lake Champlain: 1992-1993 Fort Ticonderoga-Mount Independence Submerged Cultural Resource Survey
McVae, Bridget C. M.A. 2008 The Roosevelt Inlet Shipwreck: Identification, Analysis, and Historical Context
Merwin, Daria E. M.A. 2000 Gilbert M. Smith, Master Boatbuilder of Long Island, New York
Miller, Mason D. M.A. 2001 Nova Virgem: The Story of a Nineteenth-Century Brazilian Slave Smuggler
Miyashita, Hiroaki M.A. 2006 Ancient Ships of Japan
Monroe, Christopher M.A. 1990 The Boatbuilding Industry of New Kingdom Egypt
Moore, Charles M.A. 1993 Salmon Fishing Boats of the North American Pacific Coast in the Era of Oar and Sail
Morden, Margaret M.A. 1982 The Glass Lamps from the 11th-Century Shipwreck at Serce Liman, Turkey
Mott, Lawrence V. M.A. 1990 The Development of the Rudder, 100-1600 A.D.: A Technological Tale
Myers, Mark M.A. 1987 The Evolution of Hull Design in Sixteenth-Century English Ships of War
Neyland, Robert M.A. 1990 The Lyon Creek Boat Remains
Neyland, Robert Ph.D. 1994 A Study of the Cultural Adaptation in Pram-Class Boatbuilding in the Netherlands
Nowak, Troy J. M.A. 2006 Archaeological Evidence for Ship Eyes:  An Analysis of Their Form and Function
Oertling, Thomas M.A. 1984 The History and Development of Ships' Bilge Pumps, 1500-1840
Olsen, Carol M.A. 1984 Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Figure Heads from the Mystic Seaport Museum Collection
Oron, Asaf M.A. 2001 The Athlit Ram: Classical and Hellenistic Bronze Casting Technology
Parrent, James M.A. 1983 The Conservation of Waterlogged Wood Using Sucrose
Parrent, James Ph.D. 1990 Management of Historic Ship Archaeological Sites in the Caribbean
Peachey, Claire M.A. 1995 Terebinth Resin in Antiquity: Possible Uses in the Late Bronze Age Aegean Region
Pedersen, Ralph M.A. 1991 Waterschip NZ42i: A Late Medieval Fishing Vessel from Flevoland, The Netherlands
Pedersen, Ralph Ph.D. 2003 The Boatbuilding Sequence in the Gilgamesh Epic and the Sewn Boat Relation
Polzer, Mark M.A. 2009 Hull Remains from the Pabuç Burnu Shipwreck and Early Transition in Archaic Greek Shipbuilding
Pridemore, Matthew M.A. 1996 The Form, Function, and Interrelationships of Naval Rams: A Study of Naval Rams from Antiquity
Pulak, Cemalettin M.A. 1987 A Late Bronze Age Shipwreck at Ulu Burun: Preliminary Analysis (1984-1985 Excavation Campaigns)
Pulak, Cemalettin Ph.D. 1996 Analysis of the Weight Assemblages from the Late Bronze Age Shipwrecks at Uluburun and Cape Gelidonya, Turkey
Quinn, Kendra L. M.A. 1999 Shipboard Lighting: A.D. 400-1900
Randolph, Anthony M.A. 2003 The Analysis and Conservation of the Belle Footwear Assemblage
Rash, Kimberly Paige M.A. 2012 Reconstructing the Assemblage of Iron Artifacts from the Late Hellenistic Shipwreck at Kizilburun, Turkey
Ray, Lillian M.A. 1992 Venetian Ships and Seafaring Up to the Nautical Revolution: A Study Based on Artistic Representations of Ships and Boats Before ca. 1450
Renner, Mary Ann M.A. 1987 Eighteenth-Century Merchant Ship Interiors
Riess, Warren M.A. 1980 The History of, and Search for, the Seventeenth Century Bristol Merchantman Angel Gabriel
Roberts, Andrew. P. M.A. 2008 Great Republic: a historical and archaeological analysis of a Pacific mail steamship
Robinson, David S. M.A. 1999 Indiana: The History and Archaeology of an Early Great Lakes Propeller
Rodríguez Mendoza, Blanca M. M.A. 2008 Standardization of Spanish Shipbuilding:Ordenanzas para la Fabrica de Navios de Guerra y Mercante - 1607, 1613, 1618
Rogers, Edward M.A. 1996 An Analysis of Tomb Reliefs Depicting Boat Construction from the Old Kingdom Period in Egypt
Romey, Kristin M.A. 2003 The Vogelbarke of Medinet Habu
Rosloff, Jay M.A. 1986 The Water Street Ship: Preliminary Analysis of an Eighteenth-Century Merchant Ship's Bow
Royal, Jeffrey G. Ph.D. 2002 The Development and Utilization of Ship Technology in the Roman World in Late Antiquity: Third to Seventh Century AD. onstruction and Qualitative Analysis of a Sewn Boat of the Western Indian Ocean
Sabick, Christopher R. M.A. 2004 His Majesty's Hired Transport Schooner Nancy
Sasaki, Randall J. M.A. 2008 The Origin of the Lost Fleet of the Mongol Empire
Scafuri, Michael P. M.A. 2002 Byzantine Naval Power and Trade: The Collapse of the Western Frontier
Schwarz, George M.A. 2008 The History and Development of Caravels
Shatto, Rahilla C.A. M.A. 1998 Maritime Trade and Seafaring of the Precolumbian Maya
Shuey, Elisabeth M.A. 1978 Underwater Survey and Excavation at the Ancient Port of Gravisca, Italy
Simmons, Joe John M.A. 1985 The Development of External Sanitary Facilities Aboard Ships of the Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries
Slane, Dorothy M.A. 1982 The History of the Anchorage at Serce Liman, Turkey
Smith, Mark M.A. 1995 The Development of Maritime Trade between India and the West from c. 1000 to c. 120 B.C.
Smith, Megan H. M.A. 2010 A Necessary Duty, A Hideous Fault: Digital Technology and the Ethics of Archaeological Conservation
Smith, C.Wayne Ph.D 1995 Analysis of the Weight Assemblage of Port Royal, Jamaica
Smith, Roger M.A. 1981 The Maritime Heritage of the Cayman Islands: Contributions in Nautical Archaeology.
Sowden, Carrie E. M.A. 2006 A Shipping Crate from the 1865 California Shipwreck Brother Jonathan:  Hardware from the Russel and Erwin Manufacturing Company
Steere, Alisa M. M.A. 2005 The Evolution of Decorative Work on English Men-of-War From the 16th to the 19th Centuries
Stewart, David M.A. 1997 Ravaging the Wine Dark Sea: Attacks on Crete by Sea Raiders during the Bronze Age
Stewart, David Ph.D. 2004 'Rocks and Storms I'll Fear No More': Anglo-American Maritime Memorialization, 1700-1940
Swanick, Lois A. M.A. 2005 An Analysis of Navigational Instruments in the Age of Exploration:  15th Century to Mid-17th Century
Thompson, Bruce M.A. 1988 The Rigging of a 17th-Century Frigate at Mombasa, Kenya
Thornton, Diana M.A. 1992 The Probate Inventories of Port Royal, Jamaica
Tolson, Hawk M.A. 1992 The Vernacular Watercraft of Isle Royale: A Western Lake Superior Boatbuilding Tradition
Trakadas, Athena L. M.A. 1999 Skills as Tribute: Phoenician Sailors and Shipwrights in the Service of Neo Assyria
Trussell, Timothy Ph.D 2004 Artifacts of Ambition:  How the Seventeenth-Century Middle Class at Port Royal Foreshadowed the Consumer Revolution.
Turner, Grace S. R. M.A. 2004 Bahamian Ship Grafitti
Turner, Samuel M.A. 1994 Saona Artillery: Implications for Inter-Island Trade and Shipboard Armaments in the First Half of the Sixteenth Century
Valenti, Vincent N. M.A. 2009 Transitions in Medieval Mediterranean Shipbuilding: A Reconstruction of the Nave Quadra of the Michael of Rhodes Manuscript
van Alfen, Peter G. M.A. 1995 A Restudy of the Cylindrical Amphoras form the Seventh-Century Yassi Ada Shipwreck
van Duivenvoorde, Wendy Ph.D 2009 The Batavia Shipwreck: An Archaeological Study of an Early Seventeenth-Century Dutch East-Indiaman
van de Moortel, Alydis M.A. 1987 A Cog-Like Vessel from the Netherlands
VanHorn, Kellie Michelle M.A. 2004 Eighteenth Century Colonian American Merchant Ship Construction
Vezeau, Susan M.A. 2004 The Mepkin Abbey Shipwreck: Diving into Mepkin Plantation's Past.
Vinson, Stephen M.A. 1987 Boats of Egypt Before the Old Kingdom
Wadley, Cathryn M.A. 1985 Historical Analysis of Pewter Spoons Recovered from the Sunken City of Port Royal, Jamaica
Walker, Daniel M.A. 2006 The Identity and Construction of Wreck Baker: A War of 1812 Royal Navy Frigate
Washburn, Erika L. M.A. 1998 Linnet: The History and Archaeology of a Brig from the War of 1812
Webb, Thanos A. M.A. 1999 Mesolithic Fishing and Seafaring in the Aegean
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Willis, Kathryn M.A. 2002 The Copper Artifact Assemblage from an Ottoman Period Shipwreck in the Red Sea
Wills, Richard K. M.A. 2000 The Louisiana State Museum Vessel: A Historical and Archaeological Analysis of an American Civil War-Era Submersible Boat
Winslow, Debra Lynn M.A. 2000 Analysis of the Hollowware Pewter From Port Royal, Jamaica
Woodward, Robyn M.A. 1988 The Charles Cotter Collection: A Study of the Ceramic and Faunal Remains

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