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Some More ASOR Books Available Open Access

Some More ASOR Books Available Open Access

In his blog Bill Carraher continues to collect links to ASOR sponsored publications that are available under an Open Access license via the HathiTrust (and see also Select Titles from the American Schools of Oriental Research Available Online at HathiTrust):
Last year, I pulled together volumes of the ASOR Annual that were available as open volumes and listed them here.
I started to put together this larger list for two reasons. First, I starting to gear up to move a new, open-access, digital only book into production which is in collaboration with ASOR’s Committee on Publications. This book will appear in November. As part of my effort to promote this book, I thought it would be useful to prepare a complete catalogue of open access ASOR publications. This has proven to be a bit more difficult than I though, largely because ASOR has published a wide range of different books with different publishers under its broad imprint. As a result, this is a work in progress.
Today, there are two major ASOR book series. The Annual of the American School of Oriental Research (AASOR) and the Archaeological Reports Series (ARS), many of which are available via a JSTOR subscription here. Some volumes of the ARS are also available as free, open access downloads
Volumes 1-3 are not available.  Volumes 1-4 were published in collaboration with Scholars Press of Atlanta, Georgia.
Volume 1: J. Maxwell Miller, Archaeological survey of the Kerak Plateau. 1991.
Volume 2: Edward Fay Campbell; Karen I Summers, Shechem II : portrait of a hill country vale : the Shechem regional survey. 1991.
Volume 3: Gary D Pratico and Robert A Di Vito, Nelson Glueck’s 1938-1940 excavations at Tell El-Kheleifeh : a reappraisal. 1993. This is available for subscribers via JSTOR as are many subsequent volumes.
Starting with volume 4, a group of ARS volumes are available as open access downloads from the HathiTrust:
Volume 4: Stuart Swiny, Robert Lane Hohlfelder, and Helena Wylde Swiny, Res Maritimae: Cyprus and the eastern Mediterranean from prehistory to late antiquity : proceedings of the second international symposium “Cities on the sea”, Nicosia, Cyprus, October 18-22, 1994. 1997. This is also CAARI Monograph 1. Download here.
With Volume 5, ASOR officially becomes the publisher:
Volume 5: Stuart Swiny, The Earliest Prehistory of Cyprus: from colonization to exploitation. 2001. This is also CAARI Monograph 2. Download here.
Volume 6: Edward F Campbell and George R H Wright, Shechem III : the stratigraphy and architecture of Shechem/Tell Balâṭah. 2002. Download here. JSTOR here.
Volume 7: Diane Bolger and Nancy J Serwint, Engendering Aphrodite: women and society in ancient Cyprus. 2002. This is also CAARI Monography 3. Download here. JSTOR here.
Volume 8: Stuart Swiny; George Robert Rapp; Ellen Herscher, Sotira Kaminoudhia: an early Bronze Age site in Cyprus. 2003. This is also CAARI Monograph 4. Download here. JSTOR here.
Volume 9: Burton MacDonald, et al., The Tafila-Busayra archaeological survey 1999-2001: west-central Jordan. 2004. This volume is incorrectly listed as volume 8 on WorldCat, but is, fact, volume 9. Download here. JSTOR here.
Volume 10: Robert R. Stieglitz, et al., Tel Tanninim: Excavations at Krokodeilon Polis, 1996-1999. 2006. Download here.
Volume 11: Nancy L. Lapp, Shechem IV: The Persian-Hellenistic Pottery of Shechem/Tell Balât’ah. 2008. Download here.
Volume 12: Jane DeRose Evans, The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima Excavation Reports: The Coins and the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Economy of Palestine.  2006. Also Joint expedition to Caesarea Maritima. Excavation reports, volume 6.  Not Available via HathiTrust. JSTOR Here. This book is not listed in WorldCat as ARS 12 and to make things a bit more confusing Shechem IV is sometimes listed as volume 12. In JSTOR, however, it is listed as ARS 12.
Volume 13: Marylinda Govaars et al., The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima Excavation Reports: Field O: The “Synagogue” Site. Joint expedition to Caesarea Maritima. Excavation reports, volume 9. Download hereJSTOR Here.
The following volumes are not available as open access free downloads, but are available via JSTOR:
Volume 14: Suzanne Richard, Archaeological Expedition to Khirbat Iskander and its Environs, Jordan: Khirbat Iskander: Final Report on the Early Bronze IV Area C ‘Gateway’ and Cemeteries. 2010.
Volume 15: John Peter Oleson, et al., Humayma Excavation Project, 1: Resources, History and the Water-Supply System. 2010.
Volume 16: Burton MacDonald, et al., The Ayl to Ras an-Naqab Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan 2005-2007.  2012.
Volume 17: Elise A. Friedland, The Roman Marble Sculptures from the Sanctuary of Pan at Caesarea Philippi/Panias (Israel). 2012.
Volume 18: John Peter Oleson, et al., Humayma Excavation Project, 2: Nabatean Campground and Necropolis, Byzantine Churches, and Early Islamic Domestic Structures. 2013.
Volume 19: S. Thomas Parker, The Roman Aqaba Project Final Report, Volume 1: The Regional Environment and the Regional Survey. 2014.
Volume 20: Charles Anthony Stewart, Thomas W. Davis, and Annemarie Weyl Carr, Cyprus and the Balance of Empires: Art and Archaeology from Justinian I to the Coeur de Lion. 2014. Also CAARI Monograph 5.
Volume 21 is an exception because we made it available as a free download.
Volume 21: William Caraher, David Pettegrew, and R. Scott Moore, Pyla-Koutsopetria I: Archaeological Survey of an Ancient Coastal Town. 2014. Download here.
Volume 22: Tristan J. Barako, et al., Tell er-Rumeith: The Excavations of Paul W. Lapp, 1962 and 1967. 2015.
Volume 23: Catherine A. Duff, Shechem V: The Late Bronze Age Pottery from Field XIII at Shechem / Tell Balâtah. 2015.
After volume 23, they do not appear to be yet available via JSTOR. Maybe there’s a 5 year moratorium.
Volume 24: Burton MacDonald, Geoffrey A Clark, and Larry G Herr, The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan (2010-2012). 2016.
Volume 25: Robert. J. Bull, The Mithraeum at Caesarea Maritima. 2017.
Volume 26: Steven E Sidebotham, et al., The archaeological survey of the desert roads between Berenike and the Nile Valley: expeditions by the University of Michigan and the University of Delaware to the Eastern Desert of Egypt, 1987-2015. 2019.
From 1945-1991, the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (BASOR) published a book-length Supplemental Series. Several of these are available via HathiTrust under open licenses. They are all available via JSTOR here.
Volume 1: Samuel N. Kramer and W. F. Albright, Enki and Ninḫursag: A Sumerian “Paradise” Myth. 1945.
Volume 2/3: H. L. Ginsberg, W. F. Albright and Elimelech, The Legend of King Keret: A Canaanite Epic of the Bronze Age. 1946.
Volume 4: Beatrice Allard Brooks and W. F. Albright, A Classified Bibliography of the Writings of George Aaron Barton. 1947.
Volume 5/6: James L. Kelso and W. F. Albright, The Ceramic Vocabulary of the Old Testament. 1948.
Volume 7/9: Richard LeBaron Bowen Jr., W. F. Albright, Frederick R. Matson and Florence E. Day, The Early Arabian Necropolis of Ain Jawan: A Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Site on the Persian Gulf. 1950.
Volume 10/12: William Hugh Brownlee and W. F. Albright, The Dead Sea Manual of Discipline: Translation and Notes. 1951.
Volume 13-14: Solomon A. Birnbaum and W. F. Albright, The Qumrân (Dead Sea) Scrolls and Palaeography. 1952. Download here.
Volume 15-16: O. R. Sellers, D. C. Baramki and W. F. Albright, A Roman-Byzantine Burial Cave in Northern Palestine. 1953. Download here.
Volume 18: Lawrence E. Stager et al., American Expedition to Idalion, Cyprus. 1974. Download here.
Volume 19: Charlotte B. Moore ed., Reconstructing Complex Societies: An Archaeological Colloquium. 1974. Download here.
Volume 20: R. J. Bull and D. L. Holland, The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima. Volume I. Studies in the History of Caesarea Maritima. 1975. Also Joint expedition to Caesarea Maritima. Excavation reports, volume 1. Download here.
Volume 21: George M. Landes, et al. Report on Archaeological Work: At Ṣuwwānet Eth-Thanīya, Tananir, and Khirbet Minḥa (Munḥata). 1975.
Volume 22: Amnon Ben-Tor, Cylinder Seals of Third-Millennium Palestine. 1978.
Volume 23: Walter E. Rast, ed., Preliminary Reports of ASOR-Sponsored Excavations 1981-83. 1985.
Volume 24: Walter E. Rast, ed., Preliminary Reports of ASOR-Sponsored Excavations 1980-84. 1986.
Volume 25: Walter E. Rast, ed., Preliminary Reports of ASOR-Sponsored Excavations 1982-85. 1988.
Volume 26: Walter E. Rast, ed., Preliminary Reports of ASOR-Sponsored Excavations 1983-87. 1990. Download here.
Volume 27: Walter E. Rast, ed., Preliminary Reports of ASOR-Sponsored Excavations 1982-89. 1991. Download here.
ASOR also had a dissertation publication series that ran for 10 volumes from 1975 to 1994. The first two volumes were published by Scholars Press, volumes 3-6 by ASOR, and volumes 7-10 by Eisenbrauns.
Volume 1: Alberto Ravinell Whitney Green, The Role of Human Sacrifice in the Ancient Near East. 1975. Download here.
Volume 2: Carol L. Meyers, The Tabernacle Menorah: a synthetic study of a symbol from the Biblical cult. 1976.
Volume 3: Victor Harold Matthews, Pastoral nomadism in the Mari Kingdom : ca. 1830-1760 B.C. 1977. Download here.
Volume 4: Brian Lewis, The Sargon Legend: a study of the Akkadian text and the tale of the hero who was exposed at birth. 1980.
Volume 5: Patty Gerstenblith, The Levant at the beginning of the Middle Bronze Age. 1983.
Volume 6: Samuel Thomas Parker, Romans and Saracens: a History of the Arabian Frontier. 1986. Download here.
Volume 7: Rivka Gonen, Burial Patterns and Cultural Diversity in Late Bronze Age Canaan. 1992.
Volume 8: Zvi Gal, Lower Galilee during the Iron Age. 1992.
Volume 9: Richard S Hess, Amarna Personal Names. 1993.
Volume 10: Avi Gopher, Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant: a seriation analysis. 1994.
Another series that seems to have existed for 10 volumes is the ASOR books. Oddly, I can’t seem to find volumes 1 or 2. My list here, then, begins with volume 3, which was published by Scholars Press; with volume 6, these books are published by ASOR.
Volume 3: Tomis Kapitan, ed. Archaeology, history and culture in Palestine an the near easts : essays in memory of Albert E. Glock. 1999.
Volume 4: Stephen L Cook and Sara C Winter, eds., On the way to Nineveh : studies in honor of George M. Landes. 1999.
Volume 5: Samuel Richard Wolff, ed., Studies in the archaeology of Israel and neighboring lands in memory of Douglas L. Esse. This book was also Studies in Oriental Civilization volume 59, and published by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. 2001.
Volume 6: Burton MacDonald, “East of the Jordan” : territories and sites of the Hebrew scriptures. 2000.
Volume 7: Beth Alpert Nakhai, Archaeology and the religions of Canaan and Israel. 2001. Download here.
Volume 8: Neal H Walls, Desire, discord and death : approaches to ancient Near Eastern myth. 2001. Download here.
Volume 9: Kathryn E Slanski, The Babylonian entitlement narûs (kudurrus) : a study in their form and function. 2003.
Volume 10: Neal H Walls, Cult image and divine representation in the ancient Near East. 2005. Download here.
I’ve become a bit confused by how various series of excavation volumes work under the ASOR system. For example, various books in the Meiron Excavation Series were published both as independent volumes and as part of the AASOR series. The last three volumes of the series were published by Eisenbrauns.
Volume 1: A. Thomas Kraabel, et al., Ancient synagogue excavations at Khirbet Shemaʻ, Upper Galilee, Israel, 1970-1972. AASOR 42. 1976.
Volume 2: Richard S Hanson, Tyrian influence in the Upper Galilee. 1980.
Volume 3: Eric M Meyers, James F Strange, and Carol L Meyers, Excavations at ancient Meiron, Upper Galilee, Israel, 1971-71, 1974-75, 1977. 1981
Volume 4: Joyce Toby Raynor, Ya’akov Meshorer, and Richard Simon Hanson, The Coins of Ancient Meiron. 1988.
Volume 5: Eric M Meyers, James F Strange, and Carol L Meyers, Excavations at the ancient synagogue of Gush Ḥalav. 1990.
Volume 6: Eric M. Meyers, et al., Excavations at ancient Nabratein: synagogue and environs. 2009. Download here.
There are also some fun and apparently “one off” books published by ASOR:
David Noel Freedman and David Frank Graf, eds., Palestine in transition:
the emergence of ancient Israel. 1983. This was published by Almond Press of Sheffield England in association with ASOR. It’s volume 2 in a series called The Social World of Biblical Antiquity. Download here.
Philip J. King, American archaeology in the Mideast: a history of the American Schools of Oriental Research. 1983. Download here.
Douglas R Clark and Victor Harold Matthews eds., One hundred years of American archaeology in the Middle East : proceedings of the American Schools of Oriental Research centennial celebration, Washington DC, April 2000. 2003. Download here.

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