Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Announcing the second beta version of EVT 2!

Announcing the second beta version of EVT 2!
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After we published the first beta version of EVT 2, quite popular but still focused on the critical edition support only, development continued on many different fronts: catching up with EVT 1 with regard to diplomatic support, in particular, was high on our priority list. We are particularly happy, therefore, to release a second beta version for EVT 2 that catches up with EVT 1.3 under almost all that regards diplomatic edition support! But this is not the only new feature, here is a short list of all that goes into EVT 2 beta 2:
  • [NEW] support for diplomatic and interpretative editions: all the main features available in EVT 1, such us an advanced image viewer, text-image linking, support for <choice> elements, etc. are now implemented in EVT 2 as well;
Text-image linking in EVT 2
  • [NEW] navigation bar: a navigation bar similar to the one available in EVT 1 has been added;
  • [NEW] TOC page: a new table of contents page has been added to the general menu, to improve organization and presentation of introductory material;
  • [NEW] textual search engine: complete with virtual keyboard, precise word search, highlight while you type in the search field and case sensitive search this is a great addition for diplomatic/interpretative editions;
Textual search engine in EVT 2
  • [NEW] VisColl support: another feature to catch up with EVT 1, the VisColl XSLT style sheet has been added to the standard EVT 2 installation so that it is now possible to prepare a description of manuscript structure and have EVT automatically create SVG diagrams which can be browsed in a dedicated frame;
VisColl support in EVT 2
  • [NEW] 3DHOP integration: now you can have a view dedicated to present and browse 3D models thanks to the 3DHOP software; this is a very recent development, still in an experimental state, but you are welcome to play with it! after this release work will start again to add 3D model – text linking;
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  • [NEW] a Web interface for easy configuration is available for experimental purposes at this URL:; note, however, that there have been so many changes that some of the options are not yet present in the web app;
  • [NEW] EVT 2 manual available in the doc folder: this is very much a work in progress, incomplete in some parts, but may be already be useful to our users;
  • [IMPROVED] named entities support: this feature has been refined so that it can work with diplomatic editions, also it is now possible to set named entities as entries in the pin area;
Named entities support in EVT 2
  • lots of bug fixes and minor enhancements.
The release can be downloaded from the usual Sourceforge page or directly from the home page, all the source code is available on GitHub. You can also browse the sample edition(s) directly from the project home page.

Known bugs and issues

We’ve come a long way, but please remember that this is a beta release: EVT 2 is not by all means a finished product, and while it can be used to publish digital editions there are still some bugs left and some features missing which will have to wait until the next release. The most significant issues are as follows:
  • some EVT 1 features, such as support for translations and for verse visualization, are not yet implemented in EVT 2;
  • text in the <front> element is going to be shown in the Info frame, there is no support yet for <titlePage> and/or original document content;
  • textual search is not working in the critical edition level, moreover for diplomatic/interpretative editions text indexes have to be created every time the edition is loaded;
  • named entities lists are not supported in the <back>, only in <sourceDesc>;
  • entries in named entities lists may be not shown if too many;
  • full screen 3DHOP view shows a distorted 3D model.

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