Saturday, July 25, 2020

BiblIndex Index of Biblical Quotations in Early Christian Literature

[First posted in AWOL 9 December 2009. Updated 25 July 2020 (links corrected)]

The BiblIndex project is supported by Sources Chrétiennes HiSoMA in Lyon and funded by the French National Research Agency (2011-2015) and the Digital Scientific Library (2015-2016). BiblIndex aims at building an exhaustive online index of biblical quotations and allusions in Early Christian Literature, both Western and Eastern texts, which is meant to eventually cover the whole Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages. This is not about a binary and one-way connection between a frozen canonical corpus and a corpus of authors quoting verbatim: more accurately, BiblIndex seeks to give full account of the complex links existing between a corpus of biblical texts –changing collections of fragmented scriptural books which were originally written in various languages and translated early in their history, while still in progress– with a corpus of ancient and medieval authors, who refer to the Bible –while commenting, meditating, translating it– as a fixed entity yet at the same time contribute, through their quotations and spiritual or liturgical reminiscences, to the form and concept of 'the text'. Quotations in ancient authors show these biblical texts in the process of development and reception. Reassembling this hitherto scattered patrimonial treasure, BiblIndex aims at providing a federative tool –as objective as possible– intended for scholars and researchers as well as for a wider audience, in order to help understand the acculturation process of the Bible both in East and West, and to enhance studies in exegesis and history of the biblical text.  
Access to data is completely free.

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