Friday, January 20, 2017

Launched: The Humanities Digital Library: Classics from the Institute of Classical Studies

The Humanities Digital Library launched this week.

Humanities Digital Library 
The Humanities Digital Library is the open access library and catalogue for books published by the School of Advanced Study, University of London. It forms part of the School’s mission to embrace the opportunities of digital content delivery and enable greater access to knowledge. The Humanities Digital Library is managed by the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS).

We publish new titles, through our open access programmes, as well as open access versions of books previously available only in print. Each book is available as an open access PDF (full text) but can also be purchased in print (hardback and paperback) or as an ebook (EPUB format). Scholarly content made available through the website includes monographs, edited collections and shorter form works.

With open access providing increased accessibility and visibility to scholarly research, and becoming ever more relevant to research and funding councils, the Humanities Digital Library aims to bring together and promote freely available research for the School, its constituent Institutes and the wider humanities community.

In the first of our publishing partnerships, the Institute of Historical Research is working alongside the Royal Historical Society to bring their new open access series, New Historical Perspectives to the Humanities Digital Library. We expect the first books to be published in 2017-18. Learn more about our Partnerships.

The Open Access project team behind the Humanities Digital Library are: Jane Winters, Chair in Digital Humanities at the School of Advanced Study; Steve Whittle, Information Systems Manager at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies; Philip Carter, Head of Digital at the Institute of Historical Research; and Jon Newbury, Publishing Manager at the Institute of Historical Research.
The website is managed by Jon Newbury, Publishing Manager,
Among the initial set of subjects is Classics from the Institute of Classical Studies is the following volume listed as forthcoming in early 2017"
Profession and Performance: Aspects of oratory in the Greco-Roman World
Editors: Christos Kremmydas, Jonathan Powell, Lene Rubinstein
This volume brings together six papers relating to oratory and orators in public fora of Classical Greece and Rome. Edwards and Bers explore aspects of oratorical delivery in the Athenian courts and Assembly, including the demands placed on orators by the physical settings. Tempest examines the conceptions of oratorical competence and incompetence, particularly in respect of performance, as they are implied in Cicero’s criticisms of the rival prosecutor in the trial of Verres. Papers by Karambelas and Powell look at evidence for the importance of advocacy in the Second Sophistic and the late Roman Empire respectively. In an introduction, the editors discuss recurrent themes connected with the orator’s competence and performance, while the final paper of the volume, by Lord Justice Laws, reflects on the continuing relevance of rhetoric in the modern, highly professionalised practice of the law in England.

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