Monday, June 15, 2015

Blog: Read Me Before I Die!

Cassandra Vivian
Don’t Panic. I am not sick. I just have years and years of research and writing that no one has ever seen. I don’t want it to disappear after I do. I want to share it. To have people enjoy it and comment on it.  I have lived a rich life. Rich in adventure. Rich in memory. I have seen the world. I have published 20 books, founded museums, and photographed everything I saw. I have paved the way to interesting historic topics discovering hitherto unknown facts with minimum or no credit from those who follow (they should know better). I have been plagiarized.  But I am blessed because I have so much more to share and so much more to discover.
I have loved every minute of researching this material, writing it, and editing it. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle or a scavenger hunt and when one finds the right info, the right source, draws the right conclusion, and writes that extra special sentence, one is joyous. It is like birthing a baby, finding the right mate, all rolled into one.

I have broken my work into the following sections: The Author, The Blog, One Good Sentence, Steamboats, Egypt, Americans In Egypt, Coal, Coke, Frick, Italian-Am Food, Southwestern Pa, Photography, Plagiarism, and Tirades. . Pick your topic. Read them all if you want. They will be ever changing and constantly archived. Most are positive and informative. PLAGIARIZED and TIRADE are my dark side. You have a dark side too, don’t you? Just join me on this incredible journey.

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