Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Attic Inscriptions Online Update

Attic Inscriptions Online

9 February 2015: A selection of links to Greek texts on IG and PHI websites installed, and internal links from source references to bibliographical details. AIO Papers 6, on the decrees honouring Lykourgos of Boutadai, published, with updates to notes on IG II2 457 + 3207. Translations published of IG II2 502 + (decree of 302/1 BC honouring a public slave) and of the 14 decrees honouring ephebes of 197/6-168/7 BC, including two well preserved inscriptions first edited in IG II3 1 (1256 and 1313). Updates to translations, bibliography and notes on 94 other inscriptions.

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