Saturday, June 14, 2014

News from the Dickinson College Commentaries

News from the Dickinson College Commentaries
Meagan Ayer (PhD University of Buffalo '13) is putting the finishing touches on our new version of Allen & Greenough's New Latin Grammar (sample). Kaylin Bednarz (Dickinson '15) spent about 8 hours per week in AY '13-'14 editing the XML provided by Perseus, doing a fresh scan of the pages, digitizing the index (which was absent from the Perseus XML), and creating new html pages that combine a nice visual presentation, a link to the XML, and a page image. Meagan is editing those html pages. Ryan  Burke created the menus. After the html is done, the plan is to put it into Drupal to facilitate linking from our notes fields.

Bret Mulligan, Assoc. Prof. of Classics at Haverford College and editor of the DCC edition of Nepos' Life of Hannibal, is busy with his students improving the Nepos site. In the introduction there is a newly reorganized page called vocabulary, text, and maps, which consolidates the wonderful resources that Bret has created. More to come on that front.

Chris Francese and Ryan Burke created a new metadata scheme for image assets on the site which will make images much for organized and findable (sample). Based on VRA Core, it imitates some museum sites, such as the Walters Gallery, but is adapted to our needs. In its current look it has a tab for descriptive information "properties," as well as a tab for scholarly discussions, "annotations." These latter will include both the professionally written descriptions from museum web sites we borrow from, and our own annotations that relate the particular image to a particualr text on our site. And there is an easy linking feature to texts, so you can see what texts are relevant to a particular image.

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