Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs-project

Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs-project
NPAPH Project
The Non-Professional Archaeological Photographs project has the aim to preserve non-professional documentation of archaeological campaigns – prior to the 1980s – to the future and make it accessible to the public via digital archives. Furthermore, the project pleads for an international collaboration between archaeological institutions in order to connect these digital archives and bring them under the attention of the public by the use of this website.
The term ‘non-professional’ refers to records made by visitors or participants of excavations who were not part of the trained staff, but who assisted as part of their continuing education or out of interest, for instance students, volunteers, reporters or sponsors. Secondly, this category of documentation includes also the private photos, slides or films made at the excavation by the archaeological staff.
These digital photo archives are furnished by the participating institutions. By selecting an archive, one can view and admire photographs made by ‘non-professionals’ in the past. If there are any queries, remarks or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the project organisation.

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