Saturday, March 24, 2012

Online Exhibition: Georg von Peschke

Georg von Peschke
On this site are collected images and documents related to the art and career of Georg von Peschke (1900-1959). Peschke lived and worked in Greece as a painter, an archaeological illustrator, and architect. He is the focus of an exhibit at Franklin & Marshall College and Bryn Mawr College in 2012, "Colors of Greece: The Art and Archaeology of Georg von Peschke," which is presented in the Exhibits section of this site.

The exhibit was curated by Kostis Kourelis. Kostis Kourelis, Cheryl Klimaszewski, Camilla MacKay, Del Ramers, Lorett Treese, Brian Wallace, and Marianne Weldon have contributed to this site. Images of works of art by Georg von Peschke are presented here courtesy of the owners and with the permission of Nausika Martin and Marianna Monaco, who hold the copyright. Other images are included for educational purposes, and no images in copyright should be used without permission. Any questions about copyright can be directed to

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