Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Archival" and "Presentation" versions of (x)html-based scholarship

Bearing in mind that what he is doing is part of a developing process, and that the links will not remain active forever, he's agreed to allow me to repost this message from earlier today:

"Archival" and "Presentation" versions of (x)html-based scholarship

Briefly...The presentation version changes the extension to ".html", adds some formatting to fix the page width and to justify the body paragraphs. It also adds an appendix of links to named entities at the end. That last suggests an interesting future.

The goal here is to maintain a focus on an archival version with very little formatting in it, while also exploring what the "nicer" presentation version can look like. Eventually this content will appear in a CMS-like environment. That should be attractive and functional so I'm figuring out what that means. In time, I'll add features along the lines of "pop-up" windows for geographic entities and the like. Not sure exactly what that entails but we'll find out as we go along.

And I'll move this to github in the near-ish future.

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