Thursday, June 2, 2011

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 [Originally posted 5/8/10, updated 9/8/10, updated 11/1/10, updated 6/2/11]

I have been reminded by more than one correspondent that many scholars, both affiliated and unaffiliated, do not have access to institutional repositories like the ones mentioned at Ancient World in Open Access Institutional Repositories. Some of them may choose to make uses of Since I first posted this message in June 2009 a very large number of people have joined the site and archived their articles there.

A developing social network focused on the scholarly community, is now developing a critical mass of participants in ancient studies.

It is an increasingly important locus for the deposit of scholarly articles, as well as a place to provide links to scholarly articles online elsewhere - either at publishers' sites or at institutional repositories. A significant advantage it has over other such sites is the ability for participants to build networks among themselves, and to request personalized alerts for new content from periodicals and for material deposited by other members of the network.

It shows real promise as a model of social networking based on existing academic hierarchies.

I'm there. So are many of you. I encourage others to join us. Unaffiliated and independent scholars are welcome and encouraged.

Useful also is the ability to register multiple academic affiliations.  A more recent innovation it the ability to ask a question of those who are connected to you.

It is possible to add terms to the taxonomy of Research Interests, and to use these interests to connect with others who share them.

A useful way to find colleagues and friends  is to search for the page of a journal you read, and review the list of "followers".

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