Thursday, May 20, 2010

Digital islam: 971 Islamic Studies Ph.D. theses

Digital islam: Theses on EThOS
This project aims to digitise the 860 doctoral theses sourced from UK HEIs identified by the JISC funded ‘Review of User Requirements for Digitised Resources in Islamic Studies’.

The project will also run an initial feasibility study to test whether the 860 identified thesis are available for digitisation, and if not, how the allocation may be delivered from other related theses.

The project will use The British Library digitisation suite and experience to digitise the identified PhD theses on a cost recovery basis and to make them available via EThOS and the proposed National Gateway to islamic Resources.

This project is now complete and 971 Ph.D. Islamic Studies theses are now available.
A full list can be obtained by using the search phrase 'JISC Digital Islam' on the Ethos service

See also the AWOL Monday, April 5, 2010 posting ETHoS: Electronic Thesis Online Service

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