Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oriental Institute Museum Photo Archives Database

Oriental Institute Museum Photo Archives Database [Enter as "guest"]

The Oriental Institute Museum Archives Photographic Database is now available for public access. As of February 2010, there are more than 70,000 entries from our photo catalogue in the database, 35,000 of which have an image scanned and attached.

Click on the link that says 'Oriental Institute Museum Photographic Database.' At the login page, click the 'Guest Account' radio button and then click 'Login.' Use the left and right hand buttons on the screen to scroll through the database, or use the magnifying glass to search.

For a complete and up to date list of all Oriental Institute publications available online, including born digital resources and the ca. two hundred and sixty five volumes of Oriental Institute publications which aso apear on paper see AWOL - The Ancient World Online - 2: The Oriental Institute Electronic Publications Initiative.

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